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Red Bellied Woodpecker

Very often seen at backyard feeders, and occasionally at hummingbird
nectar feeders as well.
They have a wide and varied diet, nuts, seeds, insects and ....
DSC_3515 (2).jpg

having a tongue that is sticky and barbed and extends 2" past it beak,
enables it to take prey from deep in tree crevices.

Their population has been expanding since the 60's with over
DSC_3519 (2).jpg

10 million mature adults.
I see one or more of these every time I walk in the woods during
the Winter season.


Thanks to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology for the map.



Wow, that's an impressive bird. I wish that I had a sticky tongue like that. It seems like it would come in handy.

That should of been my headline... would have generated a lot more interest...
thanks @ginnyannette

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Great shots of the beautiful bird!

Thanks @keithboone always nice to get a compliment from a pro...nice to see you posting again too!!

Thank you @karbon. Your shots are as professional as anything I've ever done. Hey... let's both call ourselves pros. Nobody else has to believe it :-)

Lovely closeup of the woodpecker.

Thanks, so many people feed them, they are quite comfortable when people are near...

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Beautiful photos! Can you tell I am struggling to keep up with all the ff posts?🙄 !Tip

lol, it's people like you that keep this forum going. It's a lot of work, I couldn't do it...I still haven't even figured out how it woks...lol

I haven't figured it out either!

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