Cucumber Display Smart and Final San Diego #feedme Post

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I buy cucumbers as part of my healthy diet and will eat one a week usually. This is the display at my local Smart and Final recently where I will get one of the long English variety.

Smart and Final Cucumbers feedme bxlphabet.jpg

Cucumbers are an alkaline food which is said to be good for reducing inflammation. This benefit is high on my list since I have headaches and I am possibly in the early stages of Rheumatoid Arthritis like my mom, @fitinfun. They are also good for detox and have high water concentration that I am glad to have. I love the taste and use them on sandwiches and salad for the most part.

I am posting to the #feedme challenge by @oleg326756. I am already in on his #MinnowsFeed weekly challenge and now this is a new one. Go over and visit Oleg, and you can get in on this too.

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How do you feel about cucumbers? Are they part of your diet as well? Please let me know in the comments :)


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Love eating english cucumbers we get them throughout the year where I live and also enjoy them on sandwiches and in salads @bxlphabet

Sometimes when I feel like nibbling on something cool, especially in the summer months, a cucumber does not last long.

The short 'fat' cucumbers, peel them, then grate into a bowl with a little vinegar, salt and pepper makes a very refreshing salad

Great and informative post! Thanks for sharing :)

I love eating cucumbers too @bxlphabet but I'm sure you do more interesting things with them. Mostly I just eat them as is.

goodluck on you diet. greetings from kryptonia


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My son would LOVE this shop, he has cucumber with EVERYTHING.
Kryptonia id socialmediaseo

thats really true

thats reaally true