Felixo - The next generation crypto asset trading platform - Native FLX coin Airdrop

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Felixo is the next generation transfer system that allows the Felixo members to make a criptop transfer to each other without paying network fees. Felixo allows members to make crypto money transfers with each other. Your crypto money transferred by fip_icon_p will reach the recipient's account within seconds. There is no commission fee for transfers made with fip_icon_p. Specially, The owners/team of the platform are extremely skilled and experienced coders.

Felixo airdrops up to 4000 FLX tokens worth (0.004BTC) to their airdrop participants for the following simple tasks. They also offer a referral programm where you can earn good amount of FLX for each user you refer. Also, earn 750FLX for each referral who completes their KYC.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Register on Felixo's Website 
  2. Go to the Airdrop Tab  
  3. Verify your Mobile Number ( 500 FLX, optional) 
  4. Complete KYC ( 1500 FLX, optional) 
  5. Deposit and fiat/crypto asset  ( 500 FLX, optional) 
  6. Get 50 FLX for each trade  
  7. New: Check their Social Media Tasks, where you can earn up to 4000 FLX Token. Refer users and get up to 1500 FLX.


The "Lending" service will soon be launched to generate earnings with your crypto currencies standing in your account. With Lending, your crypto currencies will be made available to users of Margin Trading while you are making a profit.


You can reach the reference number you need for fip_icon_p by logging in to the system by clicking on the Reference section at the top right of the page under the Account menu. You can make your transfer transactions quickly by telling your reference number to the Felixo user who will transfer you the crypto money.

You can access the fip_icon_p page after logging in under the Funds menu at the top left of the page.

You can earn 20% passive income from transaction commissions by recommending Felixo Exchange to others.

Website link: https://www.felixo.com/?ref=77483664

Thank you.


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Great project @pranto

Is this platform based in Turkey?

Yes, It is a new generation Crypto assets trading platform based in Turkey.

Glad to here that
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Good Airdrop. The Airdrops that have KYC are better.

Yes, it is a highly secured trading platform

Nice,keep going with good work.

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Thank you and don't forget to join. If you join and complete some social task then you will get their native FLX coin worth 20$.

can tread this coin and withdr this?

You have to wait until the last airdrop round.
Thank you👍

I may not gonna participate in this coz I have no idea about such things, but it looks promising. 4000 FLX tokens worth (0.004BTC) that sounds good.

Thanks for sharing your feedback

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But here's a question, can you tell me the value of this coin?

These coins value is $0.006

Aww wow,,, really big airdrop,,,
Nice article @pranto
Thanks for share with us.

Thank you and don't forget to join #Felixo-exchange airdrop

it seems a good project will try soon

Of course, I hope you will benefited

thanks for sharing the latest crypto currency

Thanks for reading my blog

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Click here and visit Felixo's Website 

Yeah. Great thing.
I think it would be helpful for us.
We should try this.
And don’t forget to register on felixo

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Thank for your response

Great to see this.

If you register here, you will get up to 4000 FLX coin. Thanks for sharing your feedback.

Nice Project!!! Keep It Up...!!!

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Thanks for sharing your feedback & don't forget to join this massive airdrop

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