Food Fight Friday, Grilling veggies and Sous-vide steak

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My entry into the Food fight on Fridays. Today I finally got to Sous-vide a steak. It is so awesome! I love watching youtube food videos and one of my favorites is Sous-vide everything Check out his other channel as well. A must for all things BBQ and Sous-vide. Watching these videos made me want to try a Sous-vide cooker, so I borrowed my brothers. I don't do enough cooking to justify buying another kitchen toy but I might have to buy this one someday when my brother gets tired of letting me borrow his. It works really good.


My brother has a really nice Sous-vide cooker, this one hooks up to your phone and you can control it via Bluetooth. We put some porterhouse steaks in plastic bags and kept the water at 133 degrees. For those who do not know how a Sous-vide works, the device keeps the water at an even temp so it cooks your food, in a plastic bag, to the exact desired temp. Depending on the size it takes a while but you don't need to guess when to stop cooking it or in my case burn it too much on the grill. So for a steak, if you want it 133, you set the water at 133 and cook for a little over an hour and thirty minutes.


While I waited on the meat to cook, I took some zucchini, eggplant, onions, bell peppers and grilled them on my BioLight Firepit. I also wrapped some potatoes in tinfoil and stuck them next to the coals, as you can see my grill has limited grilling space. One of the few cons of the BioLight firepit




The meat looks grey when you are done cooking it in the Sous-vide, but it's perfectly good to eat. The grey color is not very good to look at so searing the meat afterward on the grill, gives it a much better look. I gave the steaks 3 minutes on each side on the grill and voilà perfectly cooked steak.


After cooking we threw a log on the coals and had our veggies and steak by the fire. A nice night with family and good food.



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Your Food Fight Friday Contender has been entered into Round 38.
May your contender make it out alive and not be placed in a permanent food coma!
Good Luck

Brother, you see that you are a good cook, God bless you. That grill looks awesome, the meat looks delicious.

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What a great post, @alaqrab, thanks for entering food fight. I’ve never heard of a sous-vide until now, did I spell that right?? 🤔 But, the cooler, vegetables, dinner by fire, that’s what’s up—I’m so envious! Happy Friday, chef!

Yea, sous vide, its really interesting watch some of those youtube videos to see what you can cook with it. Its really interesting.

No steak for me, but those veggie kabobs are looking mighty tasty!

Veggie Kabobs were really good. I just wish I had some pineapple to add a nice sweet taste to them.

Heck ya. Grilled pineapple is da bomb!

This is an awesome entry @alaqrab!! The veggie kabobs teamed up with the perfectly cooked steaks.... I’m drooling over here!!! Then being able to enjoy that tasty meal by the fire... perfect!!!
Thanks for joining in the Food Fight.

Thanks, it was a good meal. My family was in town and we had a great time preparing this meal. I would highly recommend the Sous-vide cooker if you have the time to cook things slowly.

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It's only around 8am in the morning here in New York, but I need me some dinner like that right now.

It was really good. Have you tried a sous-vide cooker?

Not only have I never tried using one, I have never even heard of Sous-vide cooker @alaqrab.

Hey, @alaqrab.

This all sounds awesome. From the steaks to the vegetables. I've done kebabs a couple of times, and that's what this looks like to me.

I've never heard of a sous-vide cooker or a BioLight Firepit, but both seem very intriguing and a great way to get food cooked/grilled. It all looks like it turned out great. :)

Yea it was fun, thanks for stopping by. The BioLight is more of a toy, I like the company and end up buying most of their stuff. They take the money they make from me and help out people in 3 world countries with clean energy. The fire pit is a bit small, so hard to cook for a large group at once. I also have the small camp stove it makes electricity off of the heat of the fire to recharge the battery to power a fan to make the wood burn more efficiently.

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