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The NFT trend is on the rise in recent times. This is because this protocol offers various features which will greatly assist content creators in the future, such as a wider market, securing ownership of digital content, etc. And Floki Finance is here as a platform that will facilitate trading and creation of NFT tokens on any blockchain on one platform. Floki Finance claims that they are the first platform in the world to bring this solution, namely an NFT marketplace that supports multiple chains. With this solution, it is claimed that crypto users can be facilitated to trade and generate NFT tokens on various chains more easily and securely, so they don’t have to bother using multiple platforms. Floki Finance has a mission to become an NFT platform that will facilitate the trading and creation of NFT tokens from various chains in the future.


About Flocki Finance
Flocki Finance is the first multi-chain NFT business focus. Make, buy, sell, trade, and exchange any NFT on any blockchain, all from a lone stage. The following progressive symbolic accompanying a wide range of things. Dispatching with NFT Artist and NFT Marketplace, where you can mint and sell NFT.
Flocki Finance is a multi-chain NFT commercial center where financial backers can securely and safely make, exchange, and trade any NFT on any blockchain, across the board place, and is one of the first to do as such.
The stages local token, FFT, can likewise be utilized to pay for charges in the commercial center. To assist with getting a more promising time to come, Flocki Finance intends to utilize 20% of its benefits each quarter to subsidize a repurchase and consume occasion to assist with making its stock all the more scant, in this way expanding it’s esteem.


Token Name: Flocki Finance (FFT)
Token Address: 0x32B20aC6A7f14d334dFc77bd818e1D80F5E49D7e
Presale Time: 10/17 15:00 pm — 10/20 10:11 am
Soft/Hard Cap: 100 BNB / 200 BNB
Min/Max: 0.1 BNB / 4 BNB
Presale Rate: 1 BNB = 75000000.0 FFT
Listing Rate: 1 BNB = 75000000.0 FFT
Liquidity: 55%
Liquidity Lockup Time: 120 days
Flocki Ecosystem

  • Flocki Analytics
    A constant on-chain crypto investigation stage furnishing clients with every one of the important apparatuses expected to DYOR to empower them settle on keen and safe venture decisions in the always developing De-Fi space.
  • Flocki NFT
    A permisionless NFT Marketplace where makers, computerized craftsmen can turn their works to advanced collectibles on the blockchain.
  • Flocki DEX
    A high level across the board decentralized trade with cutting edge request and breaking point capacities
    Token spesific
    Ticker : FFT
    Blockchain : BEP 20
    Absolute Supply : 100,000,000,000FFT

The Flocki Finance Team has insight in dispatching an undertaking in the past The group has been doxxed and KYC subtleties have been recorded with idopresales.com . The group was distinguished to have been associated with Pitch Finance and has passed on solid Cryptocurrency information, Technical Blockchain and Web improvement abilities

Dear clients, we are glad to declare that the new Staking Pool https://coinsbit.io/marking pool for FFT token has effectively been dispatched on Coinsbit. Marking Pool conditions:

  • Daily benefit: 0.25%
  • Min Investment: 100 000 FFT
  • Max Investment: 500 000 FFT
  • Stay tuned to get updates and most recent news from Coinsbit

for more information.
WEBSITE : https://flockifinance.com/
TWITTER : https://twitter.com/FlockiFin
TELEGRAM : https://t.me/flockioficial
FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/FlockiFinanceOficial

Proof of authentication : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5369640.msg58394637#msg58394637

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