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Tears were struggling to come out of my eyes as I held my left cheek. The slap my mum gave me was loud enough to invite Aremu and Bode into our living room. It was obvious their pleas fell on deaf ears because it didn't stop her from finding one of my dad's belts. The slap made me thought of a better reply to give her, but seeing the belt discouraged me. She won't believe me if I told her I don't know.

"Who is responsible for your pregnancy?" she asked again.

"I think it's Frank," I replied with a shaky voice.

"You think?" They all shouted in unison.

"Please, don't tell me it's the same Frank I know. That spoiled brat?" She rolled the belt this time. I had to calm her down with another answer.

"It should be Femi," I said while attempting to run. "or Tayo."

I didn't wait to see her reaction before I fled from the scene. Aremu and Bode were surprised. They changed from pleading with my mum to staring at me in wonders.

"My daughter is a prostitute! God, who did I offend?" I heard her say. Her voice was still loud.

I'm not a prostitute. I'd have told her the person responsible if I'm sure, but the real truth is I don't know. It's also not a pregnancy from the holy spirit. Women know the real father of their child, they say. Well, I guess that quote isn't true for every woman. This is my story and I hope we find who is responsible for my protruding stomach together.

Line Break.png

I was still a virgin three months ago. I made several vows to keep the cherry intact till my wedding night, but Femi made me rethink that decision. He is the most handsome guy I've ever seen. Beards turns me on and Femi has a perfectly shaved one on his rounded face. I almost wet my pant the first day he talked to me. He confessed he has always wanted to be my friend since the first class. We were both seeking for admission into higher institution and the JAMB tutorial center at the end of my street is where we meet. Our relationship status is complicated. He never asked me out, but we kiss at any given opportunity. He is a bad kisser or should I say he isn't as good as Frank. Frank gave me my first kiss and he is very good at it. His tongue moves like a pro while at it and I always wished it never ends whenever we kiss. We broke up when he started asking for more. I was still fifteen and all Frank cared about was having sex with me. He asked me to choose between my hymen and him and I settled for the former. I missed him, especially the kisses and that was what I thought of when I saw him again. It was two months ago, the same day Tayo asked me to be his girlfriend.

Tayo is Femi's best friend. I always knew he liked me. I'd have given him the green light if he has beards. He is way smarter and funnier than Femi, but less handsome. We were on our way home that day when he told Femi there is something he wanted to tell me. Femi had to excuse us for some minutes. I still remember every word he spat out.

"I know you like my friend more but give me a chance to be the man in your life. I promise to treat you like a queen that you are."

I felt like a queen at that moment. Before I could feign ignorance of not understanding what he said. He popped the question. No, actually, it wasn't a question.

"Be my girlfriend, Toyin."

"Toyin! Is that really you?" Frank destroyed the moment. I was happy he rescued me, but right now, I wished I never met him again. Perhaps I won't be pregnant if I had given Tayo a positive response.

We chatted about old times and he kept bragging about the new car he bought. I wasn't surprised though because he came from a rich family, but I didn't expect his parent to buy him a ride so soon. He is just three years older than me and in his penultimate year in the university. I introduced him to Tayo and Femi and that single action started the whole mess in my life. He joked about me not having a social life and the other two guys agreed. The only way I could prove them wrong was attending his party.

I lost my virginity a day before the party. I went to Femi's house to complete my assignment. That was what I said to myself anyway. My main mission was to see Tayo. His house is a stone throw from Femi's. He was the only one that made me feel great about myself. I didn't give him a reply, but it didn't stop him from waking me up with perfectly written text messages. The jealous look on Femi's face whenever I ask him about Tayo sends shivers down my spine. Unfortunately for me, his parents were not at home that day.

"Your friend is smarter than you," I always say in my mind.

Little did I know that the jealousy gave him courage. He kissed me immediately I asked about Tayo. I was surprised and wanted to ask the reason for his action. Honestly, I wanted to stop him. He has been getting free kisses for a long time and I know Tayo was the only person that deserved it. I just couldn't stop him. Seeing his handsome face alone didn't stop my body from responding to his touches. I could swear I didn't know how my cloth left my body. The sharp pain in my private part brought me back from my lust.

"You are a virgin?" He asked with a surprised look. The fan in the sitting room was working in full speed, yet he was sweating profusely.

"You've busted it already. Just finish what you started."

Don't judge me. The deed was done already and I wanted the pain to go away. I've read that the pain will only last for some minutes before the pleasure comes in. The only thing I needed at that moment was the pleasure and I got it. The whole time, he wore a condom. I saw the blood stains around it, but I'm not sure if there was sperm in it. I was too focused in making the pain go away. I know he didn't enjoy it. He was very careful while at it and did as I instructed.

Tayo didn't send me a text the following day. He didn't even greet me properly when we saw each other at the party. I concluded his best friend already told him what happened, so I tried my best to act like I didn't care. Femi was also busy dancing with other ladies and thanks to Frank, I wasn't alone. We were together throughout the event and we kissed one time. I made sure Femi saw us, but I cut it short when I noticed Tayo was there. I'm not sure if it is love, but whatever Tayo thinks of me bothers me. I drank a lot of alcohol that day and started misbehaving. I was conscious of the happenings around me though. I guess the alcohol just brought out my deepest desire. I went to Tayo and asked for a dance. It got intense and hot and I asked him to follow me into one of the bedrooms available. Kissing him and throwing up in his face was the last thing I remember before I woke up and found Frank beside me. I was half naked. Tayo was sleeping on the floor and Femi was nowhere to be found. I knew one or both of them did something to me. I could tell from the little pain I felt in my vagina. I woke them up angrily and they both swore they didn't do anything.

I wish there was a way I could prove it without going to the hospital. I was mad at them and I still am. That was the last day I talked to any of them. I was mad at Femi for leaving me all alone with them. I was mad at Tayo for having sex with me without my consent and even if he didn't, he should have taken me home. I am sure Frank slept with me. He had always wanted it and wouldn't fail to give up the only chance he had. A perfect lie saved me from my mum that day. I had to tell her I slept in a Bella's place which she confirmed. Bella became my best friend again. I created a wide space between us when I met Femi. Now, I wish I hadn't. I thought she was a bad influence to me because she had a boyfriend she sleeps with. Right now, I'm pregnant and I can't tell who the father is.

How best will I explain sleeping with three different guys in two days?

Line Break.png

My mum had alerted some of our neighbors with her wailing. She couldn't say anything when they asked the reason for her pain. I just stood afar watching her with my phone in my ear. Bella will help me figure it out, I thought. She didn't pick up the call, so I decided to do it my way. If there's anywhere or anybody to confirm who owns the baby growing in me, it will be an hospital with a doctor. I checked into whatsapp on my phone and forwarded a message to the three guys.


This is my entry to @roadstories' contest. You should click the link to find out more.

Thanks for reading.


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This is a story out of the ordinary, I like it a lot, somehow made me laugh and feel bad for the girl, that's why you can not mix feelings with alcohol, always ends up in something bad. It would be good if you used this "—" for the dialogues. Thank you very much for your entry to the contest.

Italicized, right?
Thanks for reading.

I don't think he meant putting words in talics but rather in quote. For example "I am running out of time"

Nice story line by the way

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