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Jude felt uneasy as he saw a lady walking towards him. She kept a straight face that made his situation worse. Her facial expression changed as she walked closer. She looked like she was about to pick a fight.

"I was here first, Mr." She said, pointing at the sit he sat on. "Please stand up and go sit elsewhere if you want to avoid a scene."

"Are you Adeola?" He asked hoping to get a negative answer.

"Who the hell is that? Do I look like a Yoruba lady? Please stand up!"

He felt a bit of relief at that moment. He didn't bother arguing with her. He just stood and went to the next available seat. He chose the previous one because it was close to the window. The cafeteria has only two windows and the other one already have people sitting close to it. He love watching things going on outside anytime he is in the cafeteria. The spot he left for the lady is his favorite spot and all the attendants knows. He'd have gotten the seat if he resulted to arguing with the lady, but he didn't want to ruin his date. Adeola has been on his mind ever since he heard her voice. Kola did the talking though but from their conversation, he observed they have so many things in common. He didn't hesitate to tell Kola to fix a date. He isn't bad with ladies. In fact, Daina and Adeola were the only ladies Kola assisted him to woo. He just didn't want to mess it up.


Adeola brought him back from his thoughts. He looked up and was wowed. If Daina is the queen of sexy, then Adeola is the goddess of beauty. She didn't have the numerous physical attributes Daina has, but her face alone makes men drool.

"I never imagined you are this beautiful. Damn!" He opened his arm wide for a hug.

Adeola hesitated before warming into his embrace. She waited for him to ask her to sit; meanwhile, he was busy checking her out with his jaw open. She sat down when he noticed it might last forever if she didn't.

"I was expecting to meet a chubby man. You lost weight?" she asked.

Jude couldn't help but laugh. He concluded the date will be awesome because she seems like the chatty type.

"Where did you get the impression of me being chubby? I know I'm a little bit fleshy, but chubby? Wait! Is that what Daina told you?"

"Well, she mentioned you are a little bit fat. The red suit you said you will be putting on made me recognize you."

"Oh!..." He laughed and signaled to one of the attendants to attend to them.

"You sounded like Vin Deisel on phone and sound like Kevin Hart live. How come? You edited your voice?"

He became dumbfounded. He never thought his voice will be questioned so he didn't prepare an answer for that.

"Errmm.." He stammered, "My phone's mouth piece was bad. I just repaired it."

He knew she didn't buy the lie. Her facial expression said it all. But she covered it by asking another question.

"So how did you meet Daina?"

He thought carefully before answering her. He didn't want to make the date about Daina and he didn't want to stop her from asking whatever she wants. The attendant disrupt the moment before he started.

"What should I offer you, ma'am?"

"I will eat whatever he eats."

"Just bring two plates of your delicious macaroni. I'm sure she will love it." He smiled at the attendant. Adeola watched as they exchanged glances.

"I'm a regular here. They are all familiar with me already, hence, we play a lot." He tried defending his actions.

"So you don't cook?"

"The only food I know how to prepare is Indomie and I can't eat that all day. Besides, there's no time to cook."

"Really? What do you do for a living?"

"I'm a software developer. I work remotely for two companies, so most times, I'm at home staring at codes on my computer for long hours."

"That's boring and easy. It's what my ex does."

"Boring? Yes. Easy? I'm not so sure. I spend hours trying to fix bugs sometimes."

"Daina said you work as a clerk in an office and you are a part time Uber driver."

Jude laughed out loud at the thought of that. He concluded it's the reason for Diana's constant red light.

"She concluded based on how we met."

"Yes, you were about to tell me how you met her. She told me but I just want to know the full story." Adeola said moving his face forward.

"And what makes you think she told you half story?"

"It isn't even half. It is more like a summary. His boss asked him to drive me to the nearby bustop. He took me to where I was going instead, and he asked for my number. Is that the whole story?"

"That's one hell of a summary." He chuckled. "First, the guy that asked me to drive her home isn't my boss. He is a client. I.."

The attendent disrupted the moment again with two covered plates on the table. The nice aroma from it made Adeola opened it quickly to see what is in it. It was inviting enough to make her dive into it. She took two spoons before asking Jude to continue his story.

Jude looked flushed. He hadn't met a lady who isn't shy on a first date. He opened his own food too and took a spoonful into his mouth before continuing.

"I developed a software for his company. He wanted my expertise on a personal project he is working on and that was why I was there that day. He asked me to drop Daina on the way since we were going the same direction, and I decided to take her to where she was going."

Adeola had already gone far into her meal. She listened attentively to him and focused on the chicken at the same time. Jude didn't feel embarrassed at her gluttony. He was just surprised she isn't shy.

"Why did you stop?" she said. She dropped the chicken, cleaned her hand and opened the bottled water to flush down the contents she took. "And then you asked for her number immediately you dropped her, right?"

"I didn't. I wanted to ask her where exactly she is going after I applied the brakes. The next thing she did was give me a piece of paper with her phone number on it."

"Seriously? You guys didn't talk while driving?"

"Funny enough, we didn't. I asked her where she was going when she entered my car and she responded. After that, she was on a call throughout the journey."

"But you kept calling her. It shows you are interested in her. Admit it, bro."

"It's not everyday a damsel gives you her number." Jude remarked. "Who wouldn't call her?" he added.

He noticed what his last words did to her. Her mood changed, so he searched for the right words to keep her calm.

"I was interested in her until I met you."

Adeola blushed. She tried hard to hide her smile. They both stared into each other's eye and felt the chemistry between them until she broke the moment.

"This is weird. The girl you are trying to woo is my best friend. I don't even know why I'm here. We only talked once on phone and chatted throughout the night. Now you are trying saying you no longer have feelings for my friend, but me?"

"Yes! You and I have a lot in common. Your friend never gave me a chance. There was no feeling whatsoever between us. I promise I will..."

"Boss! Long time no see." Tunde shouted from afar. Jude looked up to see his best employee walking straight to him. Adeola was backing him the uninvited guest. His voice sounded familiar, so she turned to confirm. Her countenance changed immediately. Tunde stopped walking when he saw her. Jude saw the drama and demanded for an explanation.

"You two know each other?" he signaled to Tunde to come closer.

"Yes. She is my ex girlfriend." Tunde smiled sheeplishy. He assessed Adeola as he said those words.

Tunde was the only guy Adeola ever loved. She knew he was a playboy but she still went ahead with the relationship. They broke up when his flirting was too much. He practically chased everything after skirt. He was rich and handsome. It brought a lot of ladies closer to him.

"I see.." Jude remarked. He looked at Adeola to see her reaction. "So what brings you here?"

"A date, boss." He quickly changed his response when he remembered who he will be having the date with. "Sorry, I came to get something."

Adeola hissed and faced Jude. "How did you two meet?"

"He is one of the best programmer in my team." Jude replied.

"Like your employee?"

"Yes, something like that."

Adeola's frown changed to a smile immediately. Tunde wanted to say something to erase that smile, but the lady walking towards them stopped him. He figured she will do well to change Adeola's smile back to the frown or even worse. He opened his arms wide to welcome the lady. Jude and Adeola watched him as he rushed to give her a hug. Their jaws opened when they saw who it was.

"Daina!" Adeola screamed.


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