Automaton Oligarchy -- a 50 word short

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I've seen many members of The Writer's Block having some fun with fifty word short stories lately, and @Jayna is hosting the latest prompt using the word "bark." This is my first go at a fifty word short, and I gotta say it's a good bit of fun!

Automaton Oligarchy

Surrounded by robowolves barking as fiercely as their organic predecessors, Sim pressed the book to her chest. Her other hand found the electromagnetic pulse generator from the old man. One chance. She pressed the button.

The machines sparked. Sim fled, eager to dive into the pages of a new world.

Image by Computizer on Pixabay
This short piece was made the best it could be with help from my friends at The Writer's Block. You'd be surprised how much editing can happen on a fifty word piece. If you're a writer looking to improve and get involved in a free network of peer editors, please click the image to the left. A bastion of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, TWB is a wonderful community offering an abundance of opportunity and fun.

Great job here. You packed a ton into those 50 words. Seems like it could almost be a writing prompt for a much larger story.

Thank you Neg. I feel that the trick is to avoid putting too much in that it confuses the reader, but enough to get their imagination running away into the world you plant the seeds for.
Hopefully I found that right balance here. I know your first 50 word short did that for me.

Hm, so maybe you planted just the right amount of story, and it's MY mind that is full and running away with it. Well done, in either case :)

But yes, one does have to have a deft hand to offer enough without going over the top.

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I gladly accept the honor. Thank you Bex!

I like this AK. Great job!

Thank you Tiny! Getting that last line dialed in really brought it all together. Thanks for the help.

Very true. It really clicked for me now. Microfiction is all about precision and finding just the right words. It really is an artform.

Wow, Ak! This is fantastic micro-flash. Love it!

Thanks, AK! It was fun to write, and with such a narrow limit it took a lot of help and attempts to capture the right aspects and moment of the story.

I'm blown away by how you created an entire world in my mind in just 50 words!

Thank you for letting me know it was so vivid for you! I suppose I succeeded in what I was after. It almost makes it feel somewhat collaborative when these 50 word shorts rely on the reader to have an active imagination. I'd be curious to know the different extra details each person thinks up just from this one little story.

This is wonderful! Thanks so much for submitting an entry to the contest, @aksounder.

Thank you for the compliment Jayna, and thanks for leading me to discover the fun of a 50 word short. I'll certainly be looking to jump in on more of these in the future.

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Really enjoyed this one. So interesting to see what everyone can do with only 50 words.