Enshroud (Mosaic Chronicles Book 8) Book Review

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I have finished Enshroud Book 8 of the Mosaic Chronicles by Andrea Pearson, http://andreapearsonbooks.com
This installment starts with Nicole finding out that the talisman that she just risked her life for is a fake. Keitus is way ahead of them, he fooled Jacob’s Time-seeing by using a 2-month loop, so the team has no idea where he is. On top of that, a Fire Pulser, a guardian who has been corrupted by Keitus, has taken over Shonlin and Nicole has to overcome her fears to save the magic items stored there. She must learn to fight.

Nicole goes back in time to find the instructions for building the necessary setting for the talismans to function which means finding the book in Keitus’s castle when he was still a human king. During her time in the past she learns more of who Keitus was before he became the evil he is now and how he is related to certain team members.

I think the theme of this installment is Nicole coming into her own, working independently gaining new skills to overcome obstacles. While growing into adulthood and making decisions for the greater good, the direction of her relationship with Austin becomes clearer.

The ending of this installment sets the table for the final book in the series. Not so much a cliffhanger as is a tolling bell for the end is coming and things don’t look promising for the team. I am definitely looking forward to Book 9.


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Ah, another installation of this series.
It's nice to have quick, concise reviews like this... Very TV-guide-ish. Even though, I haven't read them, I feel like I know what's happening in these books.

Hello friend how are you I followed your book with this review with Nicole is a brave girl and I want to read the outcome to see what happens with her
I love your reviews because in your words they transmit to us as if we read the book too

I don't read enough. There, I said it. At least, I can name a book or two unlike that video survey people were doing on FB, the other day. Wow. Not one title came to mind. At least say, dictionary. lol

How are you friend? I like to follow these books, I have venerated it, so good that you managed to read this part 8, greetings, I hope you find yourself well tonight

I was already waiting for this part 8 in the 7 you left me intrigued pity that I do not get them for free on the internet and in my country you do not see them but with your reviews I can get an idea of the book


Informative post , thank you . Nice photo shoot . Keep good work .

Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @altportal

This time Andrea takes us alone with Nicole as she has to battle pain and personal questions in this quest.
For a series that is already 8 books long, this story keeps getting better and better.
This time Andrea takes us alone with Nicole as she has to battle pain and personal questions in this quest.
For a series that is already 8 books long, this story keeps getting better and better.
Cannot wait for book 9.

This is certain a full-size series. There is an adventure to that amount keeps you current from e book in conformity with book. The storyline is wonderful yet vivid or the characters are well flourished longevity

I find this information about these books very entertaining. regards

thank you!

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