Midnight Alley (Morganville Vampires, Book 3) Book Review

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I just finish Book 3 of the Morganville Vampires series titled Midnight Alley by Rachel Caine. Here is the link to the author’s website http://rachelcaine.com/

At the end of the last book, The Dead Girls’ Dance, Claire had signed a protection contract with the Founder vampire, Amelie, to save her friends. In this installment, Claire is still only 16 years old and is trying to go to college and not get killed in vampire-controlled Morganville. She is still living in the Glass House with Michael (who is now a vampire), Eve (who is officially involved with Michael), and Shane (still a hothead who likes Claire but knows she is underage).

Amelie has a project for Claire that is an opportunity for the teen to learn from a brilliant but crazy old vampire, Myrnin. Little does Claire know how dangerous this project is and how important it is that she succeed. Claire comes to understand a horrible/wonderful secret – the vampires are slowing dying. She must decide whether she participates in the research and possibly finds the cure or will she mess up the research so that no cure is found. Problem is – if there is no cure, Michael, who is now a vampire, will die a slow painful death. The problem is compounded when Claire starts to care about Myrnin and his suffering.

This third book was good. The characters are growing and evolving. The storyline is interesting with multiple sub-plots. I feel the on-going theme is about power. That old saying that ultimate power ultimately corrupts, applies to the story. Those in power want to hold on to what they have and gain more and those not in power want what they don’t have. Claire is learning that the vampire issue is not black and white. Is there such a thing as a good vampire for a human? Considering she is living with one, she better hope so.

I will definitely read the next installment in this series. Have you read anything by this author? Let me know what you thought.

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Vampires always strive for power and seek power. Therefore, these people become presidents of countries, corporations, or prominent politicians

Wow the story is interesting. I love reading such type of books thanks for sharing

I love a movie or in your case a book about vampires or dead are my favorites that's why I loved the summary you gave of this book and I think if I read it I hope to find a little more about him and read this story a little more so far I'm looking forward to more

I hope you find out well my friend

My friend how are you? a few days ago I did not see you here but here you are with a good review of a good book I really like these types of stories of vampires and humans are always interesting and entertaining

The truth I have read nothing of this author but believe me that I would love at some time @altportal

Friend, how are you? you were a little absent, you come back with another of your excellent reviews, vampires, humans and science fiction a trio that I like a lot because it leaves the intrigue of wanting to know more, so I'll be waiting for your next delivery to know more about this story

Friend, how are you? many days without knowing about you, how are your things? delighted to read another of your good reviews on this excellent book that deals with vampires among humans, sometimes I think that if vampires existed as the world would be?

I look forward to your next review

Nice to see you again here I send you many greetings


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