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Don't believe what you've been hearing about me on the blockchain and all across the World Wide Web, especially on Social Media and on Discord...

The rumors where began by a small group of trolls, who have nothing better to do with their lives than to sit smoking crack, naked, behind a rose bush in their grandmother's, English Garden.

Since... it has spread like Pokeweed, poisoning the minds of the masses.

You may be wondering, that if I'm not human, then what the hell am I? Well, I'm wondering about that too...

It appears that my memories of the past, have all been either blocked or erased...!!! I can't remember a friggin' thing...

I'm not a 'bot' or 'humanoid' though. I know that, because I've been scanned and irradiated going through security screening devices at various airports, around the globe.

Outwardly, I look like a human, but every morning at 404 A.M., this disguise that surrounds me, fades into thin air, briefly, then reforms around my true body very quickly...

These are samples of what I actually look like, under my fake skin. I've captured images from online which are very similar, because I am not able to photograph myself during the transformation process.

Here's my Head

This is What my Feet Look Like

My Body and Hands Look a Lot Like This 

Whoever drew that image above, must have caught a glimpse of me at one time, or saw one of my fellow beings... It is a very close rendering.


Maybe one of you can shed some light on this mystery of mine...???

I'm stumped, to be quite honest...

Until next time, my friends; have a happy day and be kind to strange creatures amongst you.




Original Material Authored by @Angryman Shared on Steemit Jan. 29, 2021

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