❤️ Romantic❤️ Rainy Day🌧Photos Look Deceptively Like Impressionist Paintings.🌧☂️

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While some of us find happiness in the rain, others comrade it with an fearful dreariness. Countering the latter, Eduard "Ed" Gordeev is a photographer supported in Russia who takes shots in the rain and handle them to look copy impressionist smear paintings. The inference are romantic and soothing, as if you are inspection the circle -- in this suit, the cityscapes and iconic buildings of Russia and Portugal -- through a coffee retail outlet window.

Instead of making you want to manor yourself in your sail, Gordeev's minette jog us of the goodness of hydrometeor not only for how it tend the land but also for the way it highlights beauty, especially through warm, vibrant colors. 

View the Compilation Below and Let us know what You Think:

Beautiful Gif I Created From These Photos😍

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Wow best photography ever

Wow. They really do like a paintings. Thanks for sharing. Upvoted and resteemed.