The Smart But Lazy Man (20)

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The King was befuddled. He asked her if she was sure, she said she was. The King sent for all his chiefs after Shimbe had left. He told them that they would all go round to their houses and see if the cats were well feed.

They went from one chief's house to another, when they eventually got to Dene's house, the king and the chiefs were alarmed when they saw how thin and hungry his cat looked.

Remember, what is this? The king asked angrily. You haven't been feeding your cat. What have you been doing with the milk you get from your cow?

Denebabout was unfazed. I feed the cat with the milk but the cat is so strange that it does not take milk, he said.
How can a cat not take milk? Akende asked
This one does not take and it is really baffling, Dene said.


The nest way to deal with laziness is to start training yourself to be hardworking from the beginning