The change - A short story- Fiction Part 1

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John felt totally discouraged. He had worked so hard on his proposal, but it was all for nothing. Once again he wasted his time. The deal was given to someone else, and he felt as if he could just give up.  

He knew he had to keep trying, but it was hard if you tried your best all the time, and the world was just against you. Perhaps he should try a different approach, but it felt like he had been trying for so many years and everything was in vain. No one noticed him, and it felt like he was invisible to the world. 

His biggest goal in life was to start his own business, but it was hard if you did not have the money, but he was earning enough to keep them afloat and they didn't really need that much to survive. It was only the two of them, and Maria always understood if they couldn't afford something. 

Maria comforted him when he arrived home. She could see that he felt discouraged and tried her best to make him feel more relaxed. She felt sorry for him, because she knew how hard he worked, and if there was someone that needed a break, it was him. John looked miserable and she poured him a drink, where after he took a seat in front of the television.  

They had been married for sixteen years now. She had loved him from the minute she laid eyes upon him in the library. She used to work there, because she loved books, and he came in there daily to do research for his projects.

It took weeks for him to notice her, but eventually she gave up on him and she invited him for coffee. They became inseparable soon after and they were married a year later. He made her quit her job and promised that he would look after her.  They focused on having a baby, but it never happened.  

There were absolutely no reason for them not to get pregnant but for some reason they stayed childless. They spoke about adoption in the early days, but John didn't want to, so the idea just faded away.  

He used to say that she was all he needed in his life, but she had often wondered what it would have felt like if they did have a baby. Would he still be so obsessed with starting his own business?  

She kept herself busy at home, and helped out in the library once in a while, but nothing major. She even put her hand to writing herself, and her biggest dream was to publish her own novel. For the last six months, she had been focusing on her writing more than usual, because John was always busy with one of his schemes. She had already sent her manuscript to the editors, but she was still awaiting feedback.  

They were both kind of relaxed with their situation and no one put in more effort than usual, but they respected and loved each other. 

The conversation at dinner was quite dry and after dinner John went back to the garage to work on one of his projects. She sighed and after clearing the table and doing the dishes, she went to check on her emails. Perhaps there were some news from the editors, but she did not want to get her hopes up too high and she also did not want to tell John before she knew. 

She opened the mailbox on her computer and her heart immediately started beating faster when she saw the mail. She felt so excited and could hardly breath when she clicked the button.

- To be continued-





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resteemed to my followers!!! nice blog

Nice story Ma’am!!

I can feel John, there are times that I'm discouraged in everything that I'm doing - the moment when I feel that no one appreciates my hard work, that I am useless.

Quite a story! I will read through the remaining parts to catch up

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