The embarrasment - Short story- Fiction- chapter 1

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Mary felt like a total fool when she finally arrived home. She threw her laptop on the table and poured herself a glass of wine. She was so angry she could kick herself. Her one and only chance.... and she ruined it. She had been preparing for this presentation for weeks, and she knew that she was very fortunate to even get this opportunity. 

She was still a junior at the firm, and started at the company less than a year ago. Others were skeptical to appoint her, but the project manager saw something in her that no one else noticed. 

Brian appointed her without even thinking about it, because there was a drive force in her that he had never seen before in any other employee. He thought that she would be the perfect addition to the team. 

When a new project came up, Brian asked her personally to do a presentation. He wanted something fresh and new. New blood was always good, and he was so tired of the old boring stuff that everyone else always presented. He worked with her on her presentation until late at night, to make sure everything went perfect and he was extremely impressed with the end product, but today's presentation was definitely not what he had hoped for. She really disappointed him. 

Something was wrong with her and he was not sure what it was. They had become quite close over the last few weeks because they worked so closely together. He knew that she was well prepared, but today of all days she just wasn't herself. 

At home Mary was beating herself up about her presentation. It was like she got stage fright and just couldn't do a proper presentation. She sounded like an idiot and it sounded like she had no clue what she was talking about. Perhaps she was just not good enough. 

She seriously doubted if she could even show her face at the office again after the embarrassment of today, but she really needed this job. She made herself a salad and poured another glass of wine, and after eating she crawled into bed and just wanted to die.   

The next morning, she still felt terrible, and phoned Brian to tell him that she was not coming in. All she wanted to do was to hide under the covers and lay there feeling sorry for herself. She was not good with rejection, and she needed a day or two to get over it. In the meantime she just wanted to hide from the world and never be seen in public again. 


- To be continued-




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At this point the story could go anywhere. Looking forward to seeing what direction you take with it.

Hey @jeezzle I'm going to drop you an inbox message on discord.

I appreciate you reaching out to me. I've posted a reply on discord.

I really missed these short stories a lot. To overcome shame it is essential that we learn to see ourselves with kindness. Thank you for sharing these stories, we are very helpful at home and in our community. God bless you always.


Very bad with her.
I am also facing same thing in my presentation.
But she is wrong, no one is perfect.
Hope she understand it .

Great story it is. Very much related to real life problems

I felt like that too when I got promoted to a new job and had to run the weekly meeting with like 40 staff, that first one was horrible and I choked so bad and I thought to myself never again do i want to feel that bad about public speaking. I havnt't looked back since. Shame poor Mary heart bleeds for you girl

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