Kojo, The Herdsman

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A very long time ago in the land of Kambari, there lived a happy boy called Kojo. He lost his parents very early in his life and grew up with his grandmother. Despite her fears about him, he grew up to be a funny person. He would dance, sing and entertain his peers to the delight of his grandmother.

"My son, I know you are quite an entertainer and like to entertain people but know your limit. Balance life, know when to entertain people and when not to." Kojo's grandmother advised him.

Kojo's father was a popular herdsman before he died, it was easy for him to become one. One of his late father's friend trained him till he could stand alone. He grew up to be loved as an entertaining herdsman. He would dance and sing as he led other people's herd around the town.

The king heard about him and when his herdman retired due to old age, he invited Kojo to his palace. Kojo's grandmother was already dead, he was the only member of his generation left alive.

”My son Kojo, welcome to my palace. I have heard about you and seriously need your service here.” The King slowly declared his intentions to him. He quickly prostrated with so much excitement.

”You will be my new herdsman. You will take out my cattle around the village to walk, eat and drink. I must warn you Kojo, nothing bad must happen to them not even one or you will face my wrath.” The King warned him sternly.

He agreed to the terms and rushed home, he would resume the next day and had to get himself ready. He met the silence of his house, everywhere has been quiet since his grandmother died. He went to the backyard where she was buried and informed her of the new job. Tears came down his eyes as he expressed his feelings. That night, she appeared to him in his dreams and advised him accordingly.

Kojo resumed the next day with so much thrills, he greeted the villagers as he moved the King’s cattle. The villagers were happy to see him back on his feet with a better job, he danced and they cheered him up. For weeks, he continued until he got bored. He sat and watched the animals graze then an idea popped in his head. He walked towards the village and as soon as he got close, he ran as fast as he could.

”Help me, a Tiger just appeared from the nearby forest and wants to devour the King’s cattle.” He screamed on top of his lungs.

The villagers rushed out with different weapons and ran with him to where the cattle were. They were stunned when they met the cattle grazing in peace. Kojo turned towards them and laughed. He just made a fool of them. They smiled and left, he felt fulfilled. The following week, he did the same thing and they rushed out again to help him and he laughed so hard that they felt stupid.

”Kojo, this is not funny. One day, you will need help and nobody will take you serious.” One old man advised him and joined the rest to walk away.

Some days after, Kojo led the animals to graze. He was a bit tired so he slept off under a tree. He was fast asleep when he heard the cattle run endlessly, a Tiger appeared from the nearby forest and tried to feed. He ran as his legs could carry him to the village, he screamed for help but nobody answered. They closed their doors and laughed at him.

”This is one of your jokes Kojo and we won’t fall for it this time.”


He pleaded and assured them it was real but it felt on deaf ears. He picked a spear from one of the huts and ran back. The Tiger has killed two cows and fled the scene. The other cows were scattered everywhere, he knelt down and remembered the King’s threat. Eventually, the king heard about everything that happened and imprisoned Kojo.


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Beautifully done!

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