Torn (Microflash)

in #fiction3 years ago

Funny how small mishaps could become omens. Annie poked a finger through the tear in her voluminous wedding dress. As unexpected as her best friend's last-minute confession, but there it was.

Looping the heavy train over one arm, she walked away from the church.

Mum was right. Men are pigs.


Image: courtesy of Luo ping on Unsplash


This fifty word microflash story was written for a weekly challenge held by my friend Jayna Locke. This week's prompt was "tear," which you could interpret two ways. I ended up combining the two.

As I was looking for a place to start, I got this image of a woman walking away from a church in a wedding dress and had a eureka moment.

In effect, this little slip of micro fiction is a prequel to the novella I'm currently writing. Dry spell began as a short story on the Steem blockchain but when I recently revisited it with the idea of turning it into an audio story, I began to edit and discovered that it has its heart set on becoming at least a novella.

Don't you just hate it when stories have a mind of their own? I will certainly keep you posted of any evolutions.

Any way, huge thanks are owed to Constance Watson, R. Jean Bell, AJ Savage and Anike Kirsten for helping me polish this story in a matter of hours. What would I do without you all?



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This is lovely, @jasminearch! I can definitely imagine it’s longer-version potential. And I know what you mean about stories having a mind of their own, but I love it. (And I bet you actually do too!) Stories often tell us what they want to be, and take off in unexpected directions. That’s how you know you’ve got a live one, to use a fishing analogy. 😊

Well, in that case, Dry Spell is certainly a live one!

You are amazing as usual. As much as Zombie and I agonized over ours and yours just pops out as elegantly as the perfect wedding dress.

If only giving birth was like that. I might have children then. XD

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I wonder, has anyone ever stitched all their tiny little micro fiction together to be part of a novella?

I don't know. But it would be very hard. A good piece of micro fiction requires a character arc, or the pivotal moment of that arc.

But in a novella, you need action, and slower bits in between, and the building up of the arc too.

It could be done if you add more stuff in between, probably. But simply pure microflash stitched together would do injustice to both your micro work and your novella. ;-)