Fifty-word story prompt and contest

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Hello 50-word story-writing enthusiasts! Our friend @miniature-tiger is currently on a hiatus from Steemit. In the interest of supporting this wonderful initiative, at least temporarily, I'm providing a prompt here and a 2 SBD reward for the best #fiftywords story. I'm also providing some motivation to support your fellow writers. Read on!

(Image credit: Original image by pixel2013, Pixabay)

50-word story contest rules

The deadline for entries is Saturday, March 10th, 2018, midnight CST. Winner to be announced on Sunday March 11, 2018.

The prompt for this contest is "bark." You can use any interpretation of the word you like.

Simple rules:

  • Upvote and resteem this post to help support the contest and give it some visibility.
  • Write a 50-word story incorporating the prompt word: bark. (Note that posts of exactly 50 words will have an edge in the contest!)
  • Post your story to your blog, using the #fiftywords tag, and submit your link in the comments here.
  • If you include an image, it must be your own or one you have the right to use, and it must be properly credited to the artist or photographer.

Extra credit

These aren't rules, but they will give you a leg up in the contest.

  • Write a captivating title. Grab our attention.
  • Set your story in an identifiable place, scene, or environment, even if it's made up, and make something happen. The trick with just 50 words is to immerse your reader into the story immediately. You have no words to spare.
  • Add an image. You'd be amazed how it adds to your story to have an accompanying illustration.
  • Edit your story for grammar. Excellent grammar is a huge plus.
  • Upvote and comment on at least two other 50-word stories.

What's a 50-word story?

If you are new to this format, here is the idea: Write a short-short story in just 50 words. Convey a moment in time that helps us to imagine the larger scene or world around it.

I'll provide some examples of my own 50-word posts. As you will see, they range from a sorrowful piece about loss and grieving to historic fiction, science fiction, humor, and fantasy. There's even a pirate story. In other words, you can really have fun with this mechanism. My 50-word stories:

The 50-word story clan

I'm mentioning you here if you were tagged in Miniature Tiger's most recent post, or I know you are interested in this story format. Please let me know if you would like your tag removed in this or future posts.

@ablaze, @anjkara, @awhsarada
@bentheredonethat, @bhop42moro, @bitsendpieces, @brandonsadventur, @bryarose23
@carlosparejo, @charlesmackenzie, @curtwriter
@deirdyweirdy, @dinavice, @dirge, @divineinyang
@eaglespirit, @ebitularmbert, @elementm, @enjar, @evgsk, @fitinfun
@godwine, @gonzo
@iamthegray, @isa93, @isufbakaj
@janine-ariane, @jakeybrown, @jayna, @joyyrush
@kainos-success, @kamalkennedy
@lonestarpoet, @loraine
@marie-jay, @maxiemoses-eu, @metzli, @mikesthoughts, @mineopoly, @miniature-tiger
@navaneeth, @negativer, @niallon11, @nicolexu1337
@paintingangels, @pixiehunter, @poeticnest, @preparedwombat, @purpledaisy57, @pyrowngs
@saoirseronan, @spalatino, @sukhasanasister, @superjongky
@thatlovechild, @theblackcrow, @therosepatch, @tiatu, @tibra, @tin-tin, @tony-duke
@udayakumarage, @upen-srv
@vaitelavicius, @vivek-g
@whitewizard, @wilfredn, @wordsalmighty, @wylde

Thanks for participating and good luck!



Thank you. I hope you had fun writing your story!

Thank you for hosting such a neat little contest. Upvoted and Resteemed.

Here is my entry, appreciate the read!

At the park the other day, I couldn't believe this conversation!

Make it a great day!

Very clever story! Thanks for entering the contest!

This is sad and poignant stuff :(

You certainly pulled my heart strings with this Sir!

Good luck :)


You can read my entry here ~ and thanks for the heads up.

Great! I’m so glad you entered!

The end got me

I cant say I expected it

Read your entry....
I could literally feel the passion behind your writing.
Love it....

thank you!

Hi, so nice you picked up this contest. Here is my entry:

Thank you very much for entering the contest!

"If we must die, we must die as free men"

I got that from a movie

I like your piece

Awesome story. He had a good run...

I commented on your post.

Beautiful ~ dogs are stars!


Thanks for entering! I didn't see a photo attribution in your entry. If those are your pictures, you want to be sure to mention that in the post, so readers know you have the right to post them. Thanks!

yes they are it is one of my sanctuary residents named Titine. I usually only credit the stuff that is not mine .

Good to know, and thank you for clarifying!

I love this contest, thank you @jayna for picking up the torch and continuing the tradition.

Here's my entry:

Great! I'm so glad you entered.

A downright Churchillian response.


Oh my! How so? I was thinking more of Kipling. :-)

The statement seemed that way for it's insightfulness. Not to take anything away from Kipling.


I'm now thinking this was an ignorant comment on my part, for reasons I'm not going into here... My mistake.

What a fun wee contest :)

And thanks for the challenge.

Here is my entry which is based on true events:

Accompanied by one of my original digital illustrations.

Universe and Angel.jpg

I wish all well.


Your artwork is amazing! Thank you for entering the contest!

Thank-you Jayna, that honestly means alot to me.


I have an idea. I may join in. Thanks for hosting the contest, Jayna:)

Oh I hope you do. I think you would be a natural at this, @prydefoltz. And it’s so fun.

I have written it. Just letting it settle and I will post later on this evening:)

That is so smart. I wish all writers would do that very thing. We tend to gain new perspective on our work when we step away and let it rest a while. (Even with a little 50-word story. 😊)

New ideas have time to land too:)

Oh no, I just noticed this, too late though.

But still, thanks for doing this.

(I was actually thinking of creating a contest for fiftyword story writers too, but I am too poor to offer any meaningful rewards...)

Then you will just need to earn by writing. :-)

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Thank you for helping to give the contest visibility. Much appreciated.

Thanks for picking up the mantle @jayna. I was wondering what had happened to #fiftywords and have been quite eager to write something for some time.


Here's my story! fiftywords (BARK): The Escape

Awesome! Thank you so much for helping to revive #fiftywords!

We should be thanking you @jayna for taking the initiative!

Hi, @jayna!

Thanks for this fun challenge. Who can't carve out the time to write a mere 50 words? Hahahahahaha!

Here's the link to my entry:

"A Prehistoric Walk In The Park"



Oh I’m so glad you joined, @creatr! I’m having so much fun with this. I hope you enjoyed writing your story!

Thanks, @jayna...

Yes, I enjoyed it a great deal. I don't think I've ever written such a short story... well, except for my Sci-Fi slam a long time ago that was also a contest response. ;)

Thanks for running the contest. Interesting exercise--great fun! Fifty words, no more, no less. My entry: A Bark Was not Enough.
Have tagged, resteemed and upvoted.

Awesome. Thank you for joining the contest!

Cool idea. I’ve think I’ve met all the requirements. Here’s my entry, entitled “Curse of the Bark”

Awesome. Thanks for entering!

Oh, cool! You're picking up the banner! I'm in. Thanks for coordinating this @jayna!

Hooray! I’m excited to see what comes if it. I look forward to reading your story, @negativer.

Adding mine here. Forgot to drop it in after posting it. :)

A Lonely Sound

Since technically the next round of Write Club isn't till tomorrow, I may try this :P

I hope you do, @caleblailmusik! You would have fun with it. 😊

Wow, look at all those entries!
Here's mine to throw into the fray. Thanks for the fun Jayna.

Thanks for entering! I'm so thrilled with the great participation overall, and the awesome showing from The Write Club.

First-timer here! Love the contest idea. What a challenge! Here is my entry Off to check out some more of the other entries now.

Great! Thank you for entering the contest!

Great prompt and contest @jayna :)
Here is my first ever 50 word story for it:

Thank you for entering. This is all so fun! I can’t believe all the wonderful little gems people have produced.

Great! Thank you for joining the contest!

So glad I found your prompt, @jayna. Getting mine together now, even so close to deadline. Nothing like pressure to get it down. Thanks for doing this! Edited to add: Here it is

Good job getting your 50-word story in on time!

Thank you, and for this opportunity!

Great thing that you decided to host it. And thank you for the opportunity to participate in this kind of contest.
Here is my entry:

Thanks for your entry!

Almost late, but not quite. It sure can't compete with most of the other stories here, but here's my entry anyway. It's not that bad either.

Thanks for entering, @isa93! I look forward to reading it.

Thank you for the inspiring contest,
this is my entry:
Receiving Ancient Wisdom

I look forward to being a part of more in the future!
Upvoted & Resteemed

Thank you for entering and helping to make this contest successful!

Thank you for your entry! I'm going to have a terrible time judging, but I'm so pleased by all the participation.

Here's the link to my tiny little story. Thanks for the prompt and the challenge!


Thanks so much for joining the contest!

Thanks for hosting this contest! Here's my entry, You'll Get Yours.

Yay! I'm so glad you jumped in. Thanks for your entry, @bryarose23.

I did one, but no high hopes. Maybe it'll at least freak you out next time you go shopping :P

Indeed it will! That is spooky. The is near and far, loud and silent. Thanks for joining the contest!

I love the idea. I've upvoted but am not sure I'll enter. Will give it a try. Get back to you in a couple of days if I come up with something worthwhile.

Thank you and good luck!

@moneyinfant has added your contest to the list Steemit Writing Contests: Issue #38. The list is updated on a daily basis and your contest will remain on the list until its expiration - there's nothing you need to do.

The list was created to save writers the excessive amount of time spent searching through the #contest tag for writing contests. Now they can just come to the list each day, see new contests and use their time doing what they love - writing.

If you'd like to help spread the word about the Steemit Writing Contest List I'd really appreciate a resteem, but it certainly isn't necessary. The project is simply meant to help writers save time and contest creators attract more contestants.

P.S. If you know of any contests I've missed I'd love to hear about them. Thanks!

Thanks for spreading the word!

Hi! @jayna. I may join the contest too. But, I have a question: Can I use a pixabay image retouched by me?

Yes, you can do that. If you go to any Pixabay image and click the Creative Commons link, you can review the terms and conditions. I think it’s a great courtesy to attribute the image creator. 😊

Nice initiative! I'm not much of a writer myself and I've never heard of 50 word stories before. But here's my entry:

I hope I did it correctly.

You did great! Thanks for joining, and I hope you had fun with it.

Oh I definitely had fun! And I never would've tried it were it not for this contest. So thanks!

I have a feeling I'll be writing more of these.

Nice! (In a frightening sort of way.) Thanks so much for your entry.

All the thanks goes to you @jayna Thank you for reviving this. I am looking forward to contributing each week..

Thanks for picking up this contest and running with it @jayna! Here's mine!

Thanks so much for supporting the contest, @negativer. Love your entry. This is going to be ridiculously difficult to judge!

Great initiative. #elementm had also started one! Which I supported. Great minds think alike. I'm sure we'll all manage to meet up here sooner or later.

Oh, I'll see if I can find that. It's a really fun way to get people thinking and writing. :-)

here is my entry:

And like to say: It's hard to use only 50 words! I felt handcuffed

ha ha ha ha

Thanks for the opportunity @jayna

Yes, it is a very tight number of words. You did very well! Thanks so much for joining the contest!

I have meant to participate a number of times, so perhaps it is fitting that I start now under your watch. Here is my entry The Hive

Thank you for entering, @naquoya! And welcome to the #fiftywords club. Warning: it's incredibly addictive!

English only or would German do as well?

English please. 😊

I would need to use Google translate and you would need to trust that it translates as you wish.

I see. Should be doable.

I am really glad fiftywords continued on. Here is my entry

Here's my own 50-word short story. Obviously, I'm not entering the contest! But I love this format so! Enjoy.

Thank you @jayna for this beautiful contest...

Here's my entry..
I hope you get to see it and others too...

this is my entry in the contest, winning will go a long way in encouraging me to do more.

Ah, well, thank you very much for entering! However, one does not win contests by asking to win, but by completing the requirements and being the best candidate.

oops - forgot to upvote and resteem- done

The contest is very remarkable, I come from Indonesia. I am very happy if you want to be friends with me. best regards for you.

Is the title included in the word count?

Good question, @damianjayclay. No, the title is outside of the word count.

PHEW! - I never thought of that. lol

My entry to the contest. Good luck to all those taking part!

Thank you for your entry, @alheath. There's officially a nice showing here from TWB!

do we know who won the last one? i entered and didn't hear a word ...

No, but miniature-tiger wasn’t really running it as a formal contest. She was just picking one that stood out as an excellent story. 😊

She?! Well, blow me down... (such a technical mind!)

Now that you mention it, I am not positive and can’t be sure I remember how I got that impression. But that said, I work in technology and know many women with highly technical minds!

It was my first thought, too, but than as time went on... It is always interesting to see what we make of the faceless ones! (Or even some faces...) It is great how he and she also somehow fall entirely away here, and then at other times eminate beautifully.

I couldn't agree more. It's nice when it really makes no difference. We just see people as people and enjoy their content.

wow saw this late but Im glad you brought this back will think now thanks

OH yeah! So glad you have started these up again! I will look for the most current one and jump in soon! Thanks!

Great! I just posted it about 12 hours ago. Let me know if you want me to send you the link.