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RE: Out of Danger

in #fiction3 years ago

Wow. Very powerful, @jasminearch. Yes, I believe many of the pieces that come in for the #fiftywords challenge are vignettes. It's really tough to get a story arc and resolution into a mere 50 words, but often something very satisfying and impactful can be told in micro-fiction without the requisite components of a true story. I'm never quite sure how I feel about that, and about whether it is important to make the distinction. But then I realize that the creative exploration that comes of this challenge continually blows me away, and at the end of the day we are not myopically focusing on semantics here. Fine-tuning a little collection of words that gives a window into a world, a life, or a moment is a worthy endeavor.

BTW, did you add a link to this story to the challenge post comments? I want to make sure other Fifty Worders get a change to see it. :-)


I think I did... goes to see