Journey Into the Unknown - Part 3

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The following piece was written as a dystopian thriller horror story and continues where it left off. Please read parts 1 and 2 before diving into Journey Into the Unknown (part 3).

It was a tall dilapidated building with narrow windows adorned with dusty worn shudders keeping out any trace of light that may otherwise have made it's way through. A large stone archway and moss covered steps stood at the front center of the building and little could be seen through it's large windowed doors. The door was left half opened which would have been nice if the building looked at all welcoming but with no signs of life around it was anything but.

Hunger-pangs still filled the boys stomach. In and out he thought to himself not an extra moment than absolutely necessary in this dusty old building. Find food, water and anything else that could be of value on this ill-fated adventure that he had found himself on.

His heart beat as he mustered the courage to enter. Beads of sweat dripped down his forehead and the hair on his neck stood up prickly at attention. A few steps, then a few more a deep breath the echoing sounds of his shoes slapping against the cold hard tiles of the building's lobby. A corridor to the left and a large stone stairway stood in front of him. A glance around the lobby for anything of interest or value. Rubbish, a worn down sofa, a few books scattered around on the floor. Someone had been living here. No signs of life anywhere, the silence was almost unbearable. Nothing indicated the food or water he so desperately needed would be found at all. Up the stairs a few steps at a time forcing his legs to take one large step after the other holding the rail for support.

Top of the stairs turning the corner - wham. Lights out.

To be continued...

Where to go from here?

I'm deeply sorry to leave it with a cliffhanger but as a major turning point in the story, possibilities are endless. Steemit has a wonderful community with very talented writers. Do you guys have any ideas for an exciting plot development?

Thanks for reading!




The encounter with the monster... maybe.

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