in #fiction4 years ago

dear life.jpg

If you want me to bow,
I will stand up straight,
You can knock me down today,
But I will stand up tomorrow

If you want me to cry
I will gladly smile
I will laugh every day
And I will keep doing that until I die

If you want me to hate
I will share love
Depending on free will
And not just fate

If you want me to give up
I will struggle through
Continue fighting my battles
And I will never stop

If you want me to walk away
I will be going nowhere
You can push me over the edge
I will just climb up another way

If you want to break me
I will stay strong
Because I am able
To still see the beauty

So dear Life, can't you see?
I am still a Warrior
And there is no way you can ever defeat me!

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