in #fiction4 years ago


Having obscurity to sleep
we complete up beneath
an upset fisherman's boat
on some beach in northern Italy

cold and tired we tend to match along
in our garments
and though we tend to kissed
it was extremely our exhaustion
that control America

it was 2 days later
in Napoli that the difficulty started
when we took our garments off
and one thing between America was gone

not lovers and not friends
you were clinging to ME
and mocking ME at constant time
and I couldn't desert you

later once you followed ME to Paris
then ran off to London
with the sole set of keys to a borrowed flat
I wished we'd ne'er met

and however that 1st 2 days along
hitchhiking through the south of France
i still bear in mind moment by moment
the one armed driver
who passed cars whereas lighting a roll of tobacco
the Germans United Nations agency virtually destroyed their automobile.

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