Broken Promises...A Short Fiction Story

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The loneliness of nothing rested above the earth. The sky was clear and sometimes, bags of clouds formed. She sat on one of the chairs at the bus stop; it was her usual spot. She watched people pass; the world was a lonely, and naked place. Here people walked around with clothes on bruised bodies. A place where people peeled off their skin just to fit in. It was puzzling that one would strip off everything just to be naked, It was like a beautiful pain everyone craved for.


Several people passed by, footsteps followed footsteps, cars moving at almost impossible speed. The roads and walkways were busy and no one stopped to take note of her, not even to say hello to her sad-looking self, lost in her all too sad and broken thoughts. Everyone was blind, like always she wished she could turn herself inside-out so even the blind man could see that she was a broken soul who needed fixing.

Shades of clouds crossed the sky, the sun had gone far away deep down to its abode. The moon now rested in the sky in its full form. The footsteps had seized, the walkway became awfully too quiet and the noises coming from the four-wheeled machines had reduced.

The loneliness that rested above earth seemed to have descended. She still sat there and watched how the loneliness filled everything around her, including her. Then she saw a shadow like a man, he was tall with broad shoulders that looked like he could carry the weight of the world. He was finesse, she looked up and saw art, and she fell in love.


Time flew and they had become awfully fond of each other.
They held hands and watched the stars all night. He taught her to love herself, he taught her to accept her flaws and never try to fit into already crowded boxes. He taught her to see the good in everything and in herself, he showed her what it meant to love without question. He helped stitch her broken soul, making it seem like she broke into beautiful.

Often time, he'd make promises to her, sealing their bond forever. Time passed, she was back to her sad self, simply because he had broken all of His promises to her and this eventually tore her apart. What really shattered her was that they had made a promise that they'd never walk away from each other but he took the easy way and walked away. The beautiful jar of love had broken and drops of love leaked, like the tears that fell off her eyes every night.

In the event that he had broken her heart, he sought to fix things up. He set a date at the place they first met. When he saw her, his heart shattered. She had become that broken piece he met that night.

He longed for words to say and he hated himself for, ever leaving. He, however, knew he had to leave her, for the sake of their love because he needed to find what he had lost. He needed to let go of his past so he could accept and appreciate the love they had. They stared at each other for long, yearning to say something but the words were stuck to their throats.


Finally, he said, "I'm sorry for leaving, you were the best thing that happened to me."

Thank you. See you around!!!


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