Dragon's Back Path, a story for @xpilar contest

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credit to @xpilar

It was getting cold on the slopes of the mountain. Many climbers always crave this kind of atmosphere. There is a sense of peace when you breathe fresh air on the slopes of the mountain.
The wind blows harder. The leaves crunched against each other. It was like a child humming. Occasionally like suffocating. Meanwhile the sun began to set. The orange color on the western horizon looks bright. The light faded and disappeared into the night.
A group of youth prepares to head to the top via the path known as the dragon's back. This path is very dangerous because it passes through a path and on either side of it is a steep and deep ravine.
"We have to spend the night first. We will pass the dragon's back tomorrow morning," said the team leader.
"Why don't we just leave this realm?"
"We shouldn't be reckless by crossing dangerous routes. We don't want to die silly, do we?"
"If you may know, explain to us the reason," said one team member.
OK. Let me explain the reasons why we should consider climbing done in the morning. "
The team leader then explained about the occurrence of valley winds and mountain winds. The mountain wind blew from the mountains to the valley. If climbers face this, it will still be an obstacle because it adds to the load when they want to go up to the top.
While the valley wind blows from the valley to the top of the mountain. This event will occur during the day. In the morning until about 14.00, mountains or mountains receive the sun's heat faster than valleys. Therefore, during the day the air temperature in the mountains or mountains is higher when compared to valleys. This causes the air pressure in the mountains or mountains to be relatively lower (minimum), while the air pressure in the valleys is high so that the wind blows from the valley to the mountain, this process of occurrence is called the valley wind. So the valley wind occurs in the morning until late in the afternoon.
Meanwhile, during the day, the slopes of the mountains get hot quickly due to the greater radiation received. In the lowlands the air becomes cooler than the air above the slopes of the mountains. Therefore, the air on the slopes of the mountains becomes unstable and tends to climb the slopes. These are also called anabatic currents.
This explanation made all team members understand the reasons for the indirect education they continued. they immediately rested while checking back the animals they brought.
In the morning they were ready to leave. The journey at the beginning was still smooth and there were not many strong winds. But one hour after the trip there was an extreme change. The wind was blowing hard.
"Be careful and always be alert!" The team leader reminded.
From above there was a roar, a sign of a storm blowing.
"Everyone is hiding behind the pile of rocks!"
The wind that usually blew slowly this time was really strong. Angi, who usually blows towards the cliff this time, seems to be forcing people standing by to get carried away into the cliff.
"Everyone must focus!"
Everyone obeyed the team leader's instructions. When the wind died down they were asked to move quickly to a safer place.
Now the challenge remains one. They had to pass a path that only one foot could walk on.
"I'm going to the end there to tie this rope. Later when it's safe you have to cross by holding on to this rope."
The team leader immediately walked cautiously towards the end of the path. Once there he immediately tied the rope to a large rock. .
While seeing the situation he asked all team members to walk down the path while holding on to the rope. They must not be free because they can fall into the abyss and it is very difficult to survive.
With the guidance of an experienced team leader all team members can safely cross the dragon back path. They continue the journey to the top and feel paid off, already tired and the difficulty of traveling through the dragon's back path.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it.

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