Drought in the swamp, -an original story

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The swamp that houses all animals is now drying out. It has been a long dry season for months. Water that is receding makes all residents sad. They began to think whether they could survive until the rainy season came.
the less volume of water makes the emotions of the inhabitants easily provoked. They try to get enough space in the water. The place eventually became very crowded because all the animals gathered in one watery basin. Fortunately they can still hold back emotions so that there is no great budgeting. They are aware of all this because of the long drought. They also believe that when the rain comes and the abundant water will return to peace.
Catfish, shrimp, eels, grouse, frogs, and worms try to share a place. Until finally they deliberated.
"We are one family. We must be able to survive until the rainy season," the Beetle said.
"Yes. But we must try to find a solution so that it can survive until the rain comes," answered the eel.
"But what can we do?" asked the sad shrimp.
"I have an idea. I will fly looking around this swamp. Who knows there is a water source that we can use," said grouse.
You wait here for a while! "
The grouse flew up and saw from a height that there was a fairly large river beside the swamp. He returned soon.
"Across this swamp there is a river. We can move there," said grouse.
"It might be easy for you to fly, but we are many in number and cannot fly at all. It will definitely be mat on the way to the river," said the shrimp.
"Can we transport water from the river to here?" suggested catfish.
"It will take a long time. And who can carry a lot of water?"
"I have an idea. We are working together. We are making canals from the river to the swamps. Some are taking water little by little to soften the land and then we are working together to make canals."
"I agree," answered the worm. "I will make the soil more loose and the eels can start making tunnels," he continued.
"Yes, I can help too," said the catfish.
Finally it was agreed to make a canal from the swamp to the river. they choose to work at night so they don't get too hot. The grouse flew and then carried water to the swamp. A frog with a long jump immediately transports water and is shed on the ground which is immediately absorbed by worms. Worms make soil loose. After the ground is rather loose, the eel immediately makes a hole the size of the body. Catfish and shrimp also help to widen the tunnel hole.


They worked tirelessly until finally they could make a tunnel through the river. Slowly they drain water into the swamp. Initially the flow was hampered by earth mounds in the canal. Catfish and shrimp swiftly push the soil that disturbs the water flow.
After they made sure the water could flow into the swamp they immediately returned to the swamp. They are very happy. All of them rejoiced, the problem of swamp water could be handled together and the drought could be passed by the residents of the swamp cheerfully.

Moral value

From this story we can take lesson which rich of moral value

  1. Deliberation can get ideas from many people and can be unifying in solving problems. Everyone can give ideas to find solutions.
  2. Cooperation becomes a solution in solving problems together. By working together, the work feels lighter and can be quickly finished. the feeling of one fate makes unity stronger.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it.

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