Old Socks Story

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Old Socks Story

Rio is a very lazy boy. Every day he didn't want to tidy up his dirty clothes. It will only collect in the room. He didn't even want to put it in the basket where the clothes were dirty. His mother had repeatedly reminded his to put the clothes in the basket.
"Just put it in the basket, I will wash it later."
Rio still doesn't want to pay attention for various reasons. Forgetting, or delaying what his mother asked for.
"I'll put it in later, Mom."
Especially when it comes to shoes and socks, Rio is very dirty and ignorant. He will still wear socks even though they are very dirty. his mother could only surrender and give in. Every Saturday, his mother would take socks and wash them so that Monday there will be clean socks for Rio.
Until one day Rio was sitting after playing with his friends. He just met a girl. While playing he saw a girl from the next village who was playing to her brother's place. She is very beautiful. After getting acquainted, he knew that the girl was named Yuli.
After telling the story, they felt like each other. Rio told about his daily activities. Yuli also tells about her favorite things to a guy who is diligent and neat. She wants to find a man who can keep things tidy. Rio felt this was a new challenge. He must bus appear neatly. So after coming home from playing he immediately came home. However, the dirty bad habits still can't be broken. He immediately threw the shirt and just left the socks lying there.
as soon as he saw his unchanged behavior, his mother gave Rio firmness.
"If you don't want to wash your socks yourself, I won't want to help clean up,"
That's when Rio remembered that he had just met the girl he liked. Rio also remembers Yuli's story of liking neat man.
"Yes Mom. I'm sorry. Rio promised to change."
His mother looks hated. Really out of the ordinary. Usually Rio will only answer casually. but this time seemed to be answering seriously.
Rio's mother was happy in his heart.
"Hopefully not just want to please my heart," thought his mother.
One morning a few days later Rio woke up early. His mother is very happy to see the positive changes. She knows there are good things her son wants to achieve.
Rio is still busy ironing clothes in the morning. He wants today's appearance to be cooler. He wanted to show that he could look good. he did not want to be said to be a dirty child. He wanted to prove that he didn't look bad. So he got up early and ironed his uniform.
After all was done, he immediately took the shoes on the shoe rack. he gets ready to put on shoes. He looked a little doubtful.
"Why is it like confused?" Asked his mother from behind.
Rio stopped. He only took socks in shoes. He forgot to wash. The white color that turned out to be so dirty and dirty. People would not believe that the original color was white.
"This mom, I forgot to wash the socks," while holding the tip of the sock which has a hole on the side of the thumb.
He really remembered that these old socks had not been washed for a long time. it smells really bad too. But he still put it closer to the nose. The scent of the big toe immediately pierced the nose.
He let out a loud breath while shaking his head.
"Besides, I already know that old socks that haven't been washed are still kissed," said his mother teasingly. "Change to another socks," he continued.
"No time, Mom. Besides, this is also not visible because of the trousers closed," replied Rio,
Rio quickly put on the old socks and said goodbye to go to school.

Arriving at the school, Rio mingled with his friends who were ready to attend the flag ceremony. today the school does not hold lessons The students are only asked to attend the ceremony and when it is finished they go home.
All students gathered in the field. Each student is lined up according to the specified class and place.
The sun's rays were getting hotter and made the students nervous. Meanwhile, the inspector of the new ceremony was about to convey the mandate of the ceremony. Some students were seen fainting. The students who became health workers and assisted by the teachers were busy helping students who fainted. As the ceremonial inspector was about to end the fainting students multiplied.
Three of Rio's classmates also fainted. Rio helped carry him to the shade. The large number of students fainted overwhelmed health workers.
"Medicated oil!" asked a student. He wanted to revive the unconscious student.
While continuing to try to make them try to find help. The shoes and socks of the students who had passed out were removed for greater relief. The belt loosens too.
Rio also looks busy. Suddenly he had an idea. He remembered that the socks he was wearing were smelly.
"Maybe this will work," he thought.
Rio started untying his shoelaces. Slowly he opened his shoes and saw the socks he was wearing.
"Why did you take off your shoes?" asked a friend.
Rio remained silent while continuing to take off the two socks.
"What are you doing?"
Rio hissed and put his point finger to his lips asking to keep quiet, and don't ask too many questions.
"But your socks are dirty and smelly," he said, covering his nose.
"See you later you will be amazed."
Rio immediately took the socks and held them tightly. He drew closer to the students who were passed out. The victim of this ceremony is still lying there while the other friend is waiting. Rio brought dirty and smelly old socks close to his nose. The stench immediately smelled.
The victim collapsed suddenly woke up. All the friends who were circling it were happy.
"Alhamdulillah. Thank God.. it worked." said Rio. Therapy for waking people up can be successful using smelly socks.
Rio continued his resuscitation therapy to the two friends who were still unconscious. They could come to their senses after kissing Rio's dirty socks aroma.
All the friends who had been questioning and looking scornful of the old socks with holes in their thumbs suddenly became amazed. They saw the good side of Rio's ugly and smelly socks.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it.


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