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It was sunny that afternoon. The sun is about to set. The shadows of plants and buildings were growing to the east. In the front room of a large house sat a husband and wife. The husband is reading the newspaper while his wife is opening the cellphone. They seem absorbed in what they are doing.
"Marlin, I'm planning to go out of town again tomorrow."
"But didn't you just get home three days ago? Or is there already another woman outside the city?"
"It's not like that. I'm leaving on business. I'll come back later too."
Marlin was still a little angry because he felt like she was going to be left again.
"Yes, but don't forget you will have to stay at home a little longer."
Of course. Listen to me. ”The husband hugged Marlin.
"I am Doni, your husband will fulfill your wish." Marlin tightened the hug.
"But don't lie to me"
Doni let go of his hug and looked at Marlin's face then hugged her again.
The next day they woke up very early. Marlin prepared breakfast and Doni's necessities while out of town. After breakfast Doni left. He kissed Marlin on the forehead as he was about to lift the suitcase.
"Don't forget to be healthy," said Marlin.
"You too"
Marlin waved.
After a week of getting news that he still had to move again.
"There are still branch companies to control. You can invite friends to play over to our house so you won't be lonely."
Marlin could only sigh. Several times, Marlin's heart hurt. He felt ignored. There was a rage in her mind to leave the house, but her good heart persuaded her to wait for Doni.
"Trust me, Doni will not betray. He will definitely come back into your arms."
Good thoughts then cling to further understanding.
"Let me stay here but later I will get used to it. The important thing is Doni still gives money."
Too often out of town makes Marlin stronger and tries to find an escape. Marlin thought that it would be better to seek joy than to think about the heavy burden left by her husband.

One day Doni just contacted Marlin. Marlin already knows that he will definitely apologize for not being able to go home. Business reasons are always the subject of discussion. Marlin knew this by heart so she didn't feel the need to feel sad anymore.
After the cellphone is closed, suddenly there is a message through WA entering.
When she opened it she learned that she was included in the WA Group. High school friends are in the group.
Through messages in the Group there are plans to hold a reunion.
Marlin called Doni to inform him.
"What's the matter, honey? I just called you, why did you call back?"
Marlin explained about the plans for a reunion held by high school friends.
"As a wife it would be better if I asked permission or at least I told you."
"Okay, just come."
Marlin was happy that her husband did not forbid the reunion.

High school reunion is a meeting place for graduates. Meeting with old friends made many people closer together. During the reunion people can ask for phone numbers so they can be in touch. Likewise, Marlin and Hafid were reunited during a high school reunion. Amidst everyone's excitement they met again.
"Your phone number?"
Marlin tell numbers and Hafid immediately entered the cell phone. Hafid immediately made a call and Marlin immediately saved Hafid's number.
Since that reunion Marlin and Hafid have been communicating more frequently. They often share about their life. Marlin, whose husband often left her, felt lonely. Initially Hafid tried to provide support so that he was always patient.
"Let your husband work out of town, the important thing is he always contact you."
"Yes but of course it would be happier to be around him."
"Yes, when you finish all your business, just ask him to work in the city."
"Yes, thank you my friend."
Marlin felt that a friend had motivated her to stay. However, slowly as Marlin's husband was out of town, she needed a place to confide in her feelings as a wife.
Hafid, who is still alone, also feels sorry for his high school friend. Hafid often gave Marlin advice.
Gradually Marlin felt comfortable. Even though no husband is far outside the city, now there are friends who want to rely on him. He is no longer worried when problems arise. Marlin didn't call her husband to tell him what happened. Marlin prefers Hafid as a bucket to express his thoughts and feelings.

The cellphone on the table vibrated as Marlin's left hand was about to raise a glass for a drink. He put the glass on the table and answered the cell phone. With his thumb he opened the flip of the cellphone and saw an incoming message via WA.
It presses the WA icon and sees the sender.
he reads the message.
What are you doing? I really miss you.
Marlin knew very well that the message conveyed concern for him.
So he immediately replied by typing
"I want to brunch. I also miss you. Then he added it with the emoticon love. Image of hibiscus leaves as a symbol of love. Immediately he hit the send sign.
Not long after, the cellphone vibrated again. Marlin opened the message again.
"We'll have lunch together later, okay? Here I come soon."
Marlin immediately got ready. She will eat with Hafid. she changed clothes and wanted to look prettier with Hafid.
After fifteen minutes, just after Marlin finished dressing up, there was a car horn from the house.
Hafid immediately get out of the car.
"Come on, too," said Marlin.
"Of course, I immediately rushed after calling you."
Hafid opened the door for Marlin. As their bodies neared Hafid looked at Marlin in awe.
"What is wrong?'
"You are very beautiful," said Hafid.
Marlin's face was flushed, a sign of embarrassment.
"Thank you. I also want to look the best for you."
Marlin immediately got into the car and Hafid closed the door.
Hafid immediately returned behind the wheel, about to start the engine.
"Where are we going now?"
"Up to you." replied Marlin.
"Okay. Let's go to Chiangmay restaurant. There is a delicious menu there. The place is also interesting"
Immediately the car drove to Chiangmay Restaurant.
After parking the car they walked into the restaurant. They chose a table overlooking the rice fields on the slope. From that place they could see the rice fields that stretched out, the trees arranged and the river that divided the rice fields.
"Wow, what a beautiful view."
Marlin noticed an unusual sight at a restaurant. A moment later a waiter came and handed him a menu.
After seeing the menu, Marlin pointed to the menu that she thought was delicious. Fried gourami with sweet and sour seasoning. Soursop juice drink is their choice.
They enjoy a delicious meal. While chatting many things they share stories. The lonely Marlin got a lot of joy while eating with Hafid.
After finishing their meal they immediately went home. When he got home, Marlin looked very cheerful.
"Thank you for everything you do."
Hafid node slowly.
Marlin waved as the car drove slowly. She immediately went into the house and stretched out onto the bed.

The phone vibrates to signal an incoming message. Marlin picked up the phone and opened it.
I'm on my way home.
Marlin was a little taken aback. Fortunately, she came home from eating with Hafid. If Doni arrives before Hafid takes her home, it will certainly be disastrous.
Marlin tried to be friendly to her husband. She did not want her husband to know that all this time she had suffered and had a good friend like Hafid.
Doni also looks happy to see Marlin. Doni did not know what Marlin was doing when he went out of town.
But when Marlin's cell phone rings and sees Hafid's name appear on the screen, Doni feels something is not right. So after Marlin was fast asleep, Doni opened Marlin's cellphone. From the incoming message more than the number with the name of the sender Hafid. Likewise, the number of incoming and outgoing calls was Hafid's name. he didn't want to ask who Hafid was. He then opened the WA Group and from there he found out that Hafid was Marlin's high school friend.
Doni became curious. He became suspicious. While looking for things about them, suddenly Marlin woke up. Marlin was surprised to see Doni open his cellphone.
"What are you doing?"
"Earlier there was a phone call, his name was Hafid. I wanted to answer but it didn't."
"Give me the cellphone"
"Who is Hafid?"
Marlin fell silent.
"Answer my question."
Marlin's silence made Doni suspicious. He began to smell an unhealthy aroma from his household.
Since that night the rebellion has continued. Marlin continues to blame Doni who doesn't care about his feelings. Meanwhile, Doni feels that he has struggled for his family but feels betrayed.
After the argument, Marlin and Doni didn't sleep in the same room. Doni sleeps more on the sofa.

One morning Doni woke up early. he immediately prepared breakfast and a warm drink. marlin the bangus more tealt see things differently. Doni called Marlin who had just come out of the bathroom.
"Marlin, sit down first."
marlin closer to Doni. Doni took Marlin's hand. Held gently and then stared at Marlin's face who still didn't know what Doni was going to say.
"Marlin, after a few days our relationship was not harmonious so I decided to quit my job. I prefer to work alone. The most important thing now is that you have you by my side. Last night I told my boss and he agreed. My boss asked me to go to the office inside. this week to take care of everything including the severance I'll be receiving. "
Marlin continued to listen to what Doni said. There was worry on her face. She felt guilty. he never knew that Doni had become a very good husband. He was willing to quit his job just to stay close to her.
Marlin hugged Doni.
"I'm sorry, honey. I was prejudiced and tried to find an escape. You are so kind."
"No problem, marlin. To me, you are the most valuable treasure. I also believe I will be able to try to earn money even without working for other people."
"Don't worry. The severance pay I receive will be enough to live on for one year. I will manage the money for business. I will also invite you to join the business."
Marlin was touched. She also regretted what she had done while her husband was away working out of town.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it.

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