Black: Day 01 - Chapter 11

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Los Angeles, California
Tuesday, June 7th, 2016 - 05:30 AM

ATC Headquarters

Adam keeps staring at the key card he got from the car, and then glances at Kevin's work station. He knows Kevin is getting close to discovering who are behind the planned hit on Senator Miller - as well as Susan and Megan's kidnapping.

He has a strong temptation to stall, allowing Kevin to make more progress on deciphering the data on the key card.

But Noah is in his ear - and apparently watching everything in the office.

Adam is about to open the door and get to Kevin's station, but suddenly Mona opens the door and barges into the office.

"Hey, uhh, I thought you were acting strange earlier. Are you okay? Did you find Megan?"
"Yea, Mona, I'm fine. And turns out Megan was just at a party, she's okay. Look, I have a lot of things to do here."
"Adam, come on. I thought we were over all the secrecy stuff. What's going on? Do you have any info on Douglas Harris? Any ideas about how he's connected to the case?"
"Not right now, no."

Noah is hurrying Adam up through his earpiece.

"Take care of this, Adam. Don't try to stall on me, or your wife and daughter will pay, you got that?"

Adam shoves Mona aside.

"Excuse me."

Mona knows something is wrong, but she can't piece it together.

Kevin greets Adam at his desk.

"Hey, I'm making good progress on the card."
"How long do you think until you have all the data pulled out?"
"An hour. Tops. Maybe less."
"That's really good. Good job, Kev."

Adam stands there, not saying anything, looking strange and nervous. Kevin gets curious about his rather odd demeanor.

"You okay, Adam? Is it Megan?"
"No, no. Megan's, uhh, Megan's fine. Thanks."
"You look like shit."
"It's been a long day."
"Yea, looks like it's gonna be a while longer, huh?"

Adam eyes at the key card Kevin has placed in a scanning device next to his computer.

"Wanna grab a cup of coffee?"
"Right now?"
"Well, I'm kinda busy working on this."
"I need you awake. Whatever's on this card is really important."
"Fair enough, I guess."

Kevin gets up and expects Adam to go fetch a cup of coffee with him, but instead, Adam moves towards his seat.

"Actually, mind if I take a look at what you got here?"
"Uhh, sure. But you know yourself that you're not much of a tech guy."
"I'm not, but I'll just have a look."
"Suit yourself."

Adam waits for Kevin to turn his back, takes the fake key card from his pocket and replaces it with the one Kevin was working.

He then pretends to work on stuff until Kevin comes back with his coffee.

"So, did you find anything?"
"Nah, you were right. I'm not much of a tech guy."

Adam gives the seat back to Kevin.

"Keep working on it. Let me know if there's a breakthrough."

Adam heads back to his office, looking nervous. Mona observed this from afar and is once again convinced something is up here.

Somewhere in Mulholland

Susan has tied Patrick down to a tree with a piece of rope she found in the car. He's beginning to come to after Susan smashed him over the head with the rock.

He tries to move and notices he's been tied to a tree.

"Susan, what do you think you're doing?"
"You shut your mouth right now. I know who you are, and I know you're part of the people who kidnapped my daughter. Now, where is she?"
"You expect me to tell you?"

Susan picks up the rock again and threatens to attack Patrick, but Patrick isn't scared of her.

"You do realize you need me, right? I'm the one who knows where your daughter is."

"ATC sent people over here, they're on their way. When my husband gets his hands on you..."
"I don't think Adam is going to do anything."
"What do you mean?"
"You'll find out."
"No, tell me. What do you mean?"
"Your husband is not going to be much of a problem if you two want to see your daughter again."
"What have you done with her?"
"She's fine. For now."

Susan can hear the sound of a car arriving.

"They're here."

Four men step out of a black van, and Susan goes to greet them and direct them to Patrick.

"Over here! I have a suspect tied down to a tree. He's dangerous."

Instead of helping Susan, the men directly walk over to Patrick to untie him.

"You should be careful, he's dangerous!"

One of them then grabs Susan from behind.

"There's no reason to worry, Mrs. Black."

The men then release Patrick and carry her to the back of the van. She realizes the men aren't from ATC and tries to struggle back, but it's no use.

ATC Headquarters

Adam is back in his office, asking Noah what to do now.

"I did what you asked. I switched the cards. What do you want me to do now?"
"You're going to head over to the Santa Clarita power plant."
"Where Senator Miller is giving his speech?"
"Yes. I need you there before 7, so you better hurry up."

At his desk, Kevin is starting to be confused about the key card. Nothing seems to be working, and it seems like his work is set back several hours.

"Seriously, what the hell?"

Mona was coming by his desk with some stuff and her suspicions about Adam get stronger.

"What is it, Kev?"
"This... this is just not the same card."
"What do you mean?"
"I've been working on this card since around midnight. I know the progress I've made. This is not the same damn card."
"You mean someone switched the card?"
"I've been sitting here all day, except for..."

Mona turns her head to Adam's office. She saw Adam doing something at Kevin's desk earlier.

She immediately walks into Adam's office, now determined to not take no for an answer.

"Okay, Adam. What's going on?"
"Mona, I'm busy."
"Mona, I'm your boss."
"Where's the key card, Adam?"

Adam turns his back to Mona.

"What key card?"
"Please, Adam. Kevin says someone switched the cards. You were there just now. What the fuck is going on?"

Noah is then on Adam's ear.

"Take care of this, Adam."

Adam quickly puts together a lie.

"Okay, fine. Division called me. They got some new information on the key card and they didn't trust Kevin with it. Satisfied?"

Mona knows Adam too well to fall for it, however.

"No. Give me the key card, Adam. Or do you want me to call Division myself?"

Adam takes the key card from his pocket and throws it at Mona.

"Here, take it."

But he quickly pulls Mona towards him, presses her against the wall and takes out his gun.

"Not a word, Mona. Not a word."
"Adam, what the-"

Adam places his hand on Mona's mouth.

"I said not a word. I don't want to hurt you, but believe me: I will if I have to."

Noah is watching all this transpire through his monitor.

Adam takes out a jacket from his locker and puts it on Mona so he can hide the gun he has against her back.

"Come with me."
"Adam, what is going on? Just talk to me?"
"Shut up, I'll explain once we get out of here. Don't make a mistake now."

Adam then escorts Mona out of the building into the parking lot. Kevin watches and wonders where they're going together.

They arrive at the car, Adam tells Mona to drive. They close the doors, and Adam asks Noah through the earpiece for directions.

"Where do you want us to go?"

Mona is even more confused.

"Who are you talking to?"

Adam ignores and waits for Noah to reply.

"Head south. I'll give directions once you're on your way."
"Start the car and head south."
"All night, you've been feeding me this story about there being a dirty agent inside the agency. And that no one could be trusted, including me. Was that all a lie, Adam? Was it you all along?"
"Shut up and drive."

Noah's Hideout

Megan is sitting on the bed in the room she's been locked in. Just waiting. Waiting for something to happen. Good or bad, it almost doesn't matter to her anymore at this point. She's been coming up with escape plans in her head, but hasn't had the courage to try anything out.

Those hopes seem to be in vain anyway. She's not under any illusion she could escape being held prisoner by a few dozen armed men.

The lock turns on the door.

And Susan is thrown into the room with her.

"We brought you company."

Their eyes meet, and immediately water as they jump into each other's arms.

"Oh my God, thank God you're alright!"
"Mom! What are you doing here? What's going on?! Where's dad?
"Your father will get us out of here, I promise. I promise you, look at me. He will get us out of here."

Megan's tears turn into an all out cry as she simultaneously regrets every single argument she's ever had with her mother. Every fight, every disagreement. She realization of her getting the opportunity to apologize hits her at that moment.

"Mom! I'm so sorry, this is all my fault! It's all my fault! I'm so sorry-"
"It's okay, Megan. It's okay. I'm sorry, too. I really am."
"No, mom. I never should have-"
*"Ssshh... it's okay. We'll make it through this.

Neither lets go of the other. They simply embrace. And hope.

Out of Town

Following Noah's directions, the car has arrived at a remote location. Noah then tells Adam to tell Mona to stop the car.

"Okay, you can pull over now."
"Now what?"
"Take her out and shoot her."

Mona notices the grim look on Adam's face.

"What? What is it? What are you gonna do?"

Noah hurries him up.

"Now, Adam! It's either her or your family! Do it! And I can see everything, so no tricks!"

Adam opens the door.

"Get out of the car."
"You're gonna tell me what's going-"
"Get out of the car!"

Adam steps out, goes around and opens the door for her, dragging her out. He then pulls out his gun.

"Adam, what the fuck!"
"I'm so sorry, Mona. They have Susan and Megan! I'm so sorry! I can't take a risk with my family!"
"Adam, I'm your friend!"
"I'm so sorry."

Adam points his gun at the terrified Mona.

And pulls the trigger.

Mona falls down on the ground.

Adam feels sick. He feels like he's going to throw up his insides then and there. He stands there watching the body of a trusted friend. And, at one time, a lover.

Noah wastes no time, however.

"Good. Now get back in the car."

Adam takes a moment to obey.

"Adam, get back in the car. Now."

He slowly walks back to the car. Sits down. And as he is shaking, he starts it. Heading to the Santa Clarita power plant as ordered.

ATC Headquarters

Kevin tries calling both Adam and Mona, but gets no answer. He begins to get frustrated and walks over to Amy's desk.

"Amy, send the security footage from Adam's office."
"What? Why?"
"Just do it. I need to know what's going on."
"Umm, that's against protocol."
"Well, neither Gregory or Adam are here, so that makes me the ranking agent. Technically, I'm in charge. So do it."
"Fine, I suppose."

Amy doesn't want to do too much to help with any kind of investigation that is going on, but has no good excuse not to help Kevin, so she does as asked.

Kevin sits down at his workstation to look at what took place in Adam's office.

He's shocked to see Adam pulling a gun on Mona.

"What the-"

But then he sees something even stranger. He rolls back the tape. It's really hard to see what he thinks he's seeing.

After about a dozen re-checks, he's convinced.

"Why the hell are you pointing her with a gun... and then giving her a flak jacket?"

Out of Town

Mona's body is lying on the ground.

Slowly, she opens her eyes and begins to come to. The flak jacket absorbed the bullet.

She knows Adam is working under duress. She has to help her, but how, she wonders.

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