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"The Evolution Trilogy" is now available for free download or purchase.  

For those who have read my work in the past few years, you may or may not know that three of my creations are a loosely connected trilogy.

I took the time to consolidate these three separate works of fiction into one large volume, which I titled "The Evolution Trilogy".

The three works included in The Evolution Trilogy are:

The James Bong series, which totals 27 episodes.

SeAgora - A High Seas Adventure

Agora One - A Space Adveture

I chose to use the term "evolution" because this series shows, in fictional format, how the human race might evolve (grow) into a condition of freedom and greater prosperity (and thus, get out of the condition of slavery that humanity is currently experiencing).

You can download the book for free @


Or purchase a paperback @


Thanks for your time and attention!

Just say "NO" to slavery!

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I regret that I did not translate The James Bong series, in this way the seagora and seagora in space would have been complete in Spanish

Saludos mi buen amigo.

Thanks Jose. You could still translate James Bong if you want. :)