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The Book Of Space Lore is a virtually unlimited creative space. We're kicking it off on Vorcia III and at some point, we'd like to invite other creatives to join in on exploring an unlimited universe. More on that later.

Previously in the chainstory:

Thorne Herm is busy exploring potential mining options on Vorcia III, a seemingly uninhabited planet somewhere in the universe.
Whilst busy scooping up soil samples, G5, his robotic assistant, picks up a heat signature a few paces ahead. They head towards the strange and unexpected source to investigate.

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Log SLZT #2

“G5, can you get a relay connection to the pod?” Thorne asked whilst staring down the sloping hole, simultaneously reactivating the heat sensors on screen.

“Checking” replied the bot while Thorne scanned the hole for any signs.

Whilst most of his on screen functionalities were adjusted by the flick of an eye Thorne had to verbally adjust some, “switch to motion scanner” he requested, scrounging his eyes whilst staring down the dark hole.
G5 responded a few seconds later, unexpectedly rattling him, “connection established at 68% clarity.”

Thorne looked over at G5, “really, all this great tech yet we’re at 68%.”

He knew he had to upgrade some of his hardware so he was really only poking fun at himself. The reason he hadn’t upgraded some of his tech is because it meant a trip to his ‘favorite’ supply station. Thorne brushed the thought off.

“G5, establish connection please,” Thorne said as he stepped closer to the hole, still not being able to pick up anything.

He always found it amusing that the connecting tone was so similar to the dial up tones he heard as a child growing up.

“Connected,” he heard in his audio receiver and a quick flash displayed on screen. Thorne looked towards the top left which pulled down a call list. He activated a call to Space Core 21.

“Thorne, how are you doi.. buddy?” said the respondent over the receiver.

“Hi Alan. Yes, all go.. thanks. Tell me, what are the chanc.. of getting a thermal s… done at my loca…?”

“You’re breaking up a little but I th… you asked abo… a thermal scan, right?”

“Yes, please. I pic… up a heat source” Thorne replied.

“I have a scanner ope… It’s one of the updat… models, unli.. some peo.. I kn…hehe. Let me get your loca…”

Thorne switched the motion sensor off and peeked deeper into the hole. “I’ll be able to comfortably fit in there if I crouch,” he thought to himself. An absurd thought at that.


“Yes, .. still he... Ready .. scan in 2 min...”

Thorne noticed a slight green shimmer as his shoulder lamp highlighted the top of the hole a few feet down.

“Could that be?” he thought to himself. Thorne has only ever heard and seen images of this extremely rare substance, known as ochophial. Something like this is the stuff of legends, yet Thorne thought he was looking straight at it. It seemed like an impossible find but its distinctive green color was unmistakable.

"G5, Alan! You will not believe what I'm looking at right now! I think I'm busy dreaming."

G5 questioned in his standard robotic tone, "What are you looking at Thorne?

"It's ochophial G5, it's ochophial!" Thorne exclaimed excitedly. He hardly noticed the dim white noise feeding through his receiver.

He went down on all fours and figured he’d only need to get into the hole up to his shoulders to reach it. Thorne’s stomach was churning and he could feel his arms were a little shaky from the excitement.

He stuck his hand out and tugged at the ochophial. “Stuck” Thorne said out loud.

He pulled a small spade from his side pouch and dug along the edges, “It’s huge!” Thorne thought out loud. With another tug he managed to free the ochophial from the soil. It felt as light as a feather even though it was completely dense. He shuffled back and out of the hole, clutching the tennis ball size of ochophail in his hand.

“Are y.. rea… L… r.. Tho..” Thorne could barely make out what Alan was saying but he sounded excited.

“G5, let’s head towards the pod. Alan, can you hear me?” Thorne said as he stared down in disbelief at the ochophial cluthed in his hand.

He picked up his pace occasionally trying to communicate with Alan but all he could hear was white noise. All the while G5 kept astride.

He crossed another 50 paces or so when he heard Alan’s voice clearing up.

“Active red! Active r.. Get out of th... They’re movi.. everywh…” he heard Alan say.
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Next up:

SLZT #3 by @zakludick
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Nice one gents.

Thanks @gholsa. Much obliged :)

It's a start! Thanks for the support!

"Ochophial" the secret space energizer that is guarded by weird lightning monsters Lol. I sense a good partnership here between you two guys! Blockbusters! Blessings and upvoted! @therneau, @zakludick

Indeed, it's quite a fun and exciting experience. Looking forward to seeing how it all develops @papiloncharity.

Thanks for the awesome comment and support :)

Thanks a lot! We will surely bust out the moves!

Thanks for the support!

Secret space energizer?

Weird lighting monsters?!

Is there something out there that I am unaware of? Is this a reference to something?

This is going to motivate and keep going with shared story telling, blending into each others thought, awesome @therneau and @zakludick

Indeed it is! I am running three of these at the same time at the moment.

Each writer has completely different ideas and pace from what I can see. It is a lot of fun!

Cool, thanks @joanstewart. Yeah, it's a nice change of pace writing together with someone else :)

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Awesome, thanks @c-squared :)

Oho! You got a C-squared as well! Awesome!

Yeah man, very happy about that :)

I like the idea of writing together, and it really was a good read. Curious of what's going to happen, but I guess you both are curious too! Keep up the good work!

That is the advantage of this kind of writing yeah. Keeps me focussed as both reader and writer. Also has less of a tendency to get stuck!

True, and because both of you has different ideas there can be so much surprise in the part your partner wrote.

Its always something you didnt expect. Have a look at my blog... I am doing 4 of them :D

Yeah, thanks @hetty-rowan :) I'm glad you enjoyed it.

It's good fun indeed. Do you write fiction as well?

I hardly ever write these days. But I sure enjoy to read ...

Oh ok, cool. Well please do stick around :) I'll swing past your blog again... give ya a poke and make sure you're still alive and kicking, enjoying life with your bow wows :)

A fun read, I want to see what happens next!

Yeah, let's see :) I'm curious too, lol

Thanks KD! :D

Oh, this is cool! Nice!

Let me see what I can do with it!

Thanks man. Lekke, looking forward to the next one :)

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