Dairy of a Serial Killer: Entry 3

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Warning: Contains explicit content

Sarah is sitting infront of the bigscreen. I replay scenes for her from older news reports I’ve saved.
Police can neither confirm nor deny any association with the string of disappearances spread throughout the country by the so called Vanquisher...
The wife of business tycoon Max Craven is still missing after his body was found at the entrance of his home. Police reports have confirmed that the cause of death was blunt force trauma to the back of his head...
Two more woman have gone missing in the Eden district. There is no evidence that foul play is involved...

I can hear her heavy breathing and sobbing over and above the recordings. She is scared which is a good thing... it’ll be easier for me to teach her about true pain. She needs to understand it. She has to! That's the only way! This is the beginning for you Sarah.
What I do find entertaining is the local police. It’s a fucking joke! They’re running around like headless chickens. Absolutely clueless about what to do.
I have a visual recording where her boyfriend was sobbing like a little child while talking to the detective. He’s such a fucking cry baby! I’ll show that to Sarah soon but first I need to prepare her.
It’s time for me to shave her hair then wax every bit I can off her body. It’s the beginning of the cleansing ritual for Sarah. First, her body needs to be cleansed. Then, I’ll start with her mind and finally her soul will be cleansed... she'll appreciate it all in the end.

True love.


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Twisted and gripping as always. More please

Cool man, good stuff. Glad you're enjoying it :)

Glad I'm not Sarah going through that cleansing ritual!

Haha, yeah. Body, mind & soul ;)

Interesting... keep going... I would like to see how you lead this on...

Interesting... keep
Going... I would like to see
How you lead this on...

                 - zakludick

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