Diary of a Serial Killer: Entry 4

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Warning: Contains explicit content

Earlier this morning I’ve had to shut her up because she wouldn’t stop screaming. I told her to calm down or else I might cut her skin whilst shaving her hair, however she didn’t listen. I could hear the bridge of her nose crack as the blood splattered all over her chest. I just had to get her to calm down. She really pissed me off, wasting my precious time with having to have to clean her up afterwards and explaining to her that I don’t want to have to forcefully keep her mouth pried open and her tongue clamped down. It all just disrupts the necessary process.

Now Sarah’s skin is shimmering in the dim light. After shaving and waxing her I rubbed her all over with the oil balm as part of the final exterior cleanse. I can see the radiance on her bald head shining like a new beginning. It will take two more days before we are ready for the next step.

For now I’m busy editing another video for her while she’s watching her boyfriend cry like a baby at the local precinct. Such a pathetic sight! I even managed to secure the audio for her too. It’s blaring through the speakers whilst she’s staring at the footage on displays all around her.

I think Sarah will be even more impressed with the new video I’m busy with. This time that sod is crying on live television, asking for help from the community, “please, I’m begging you. If anyone has seen or heard anything report it to Detective Maye. It doesn’t matter how insignificant it may seem.”

Fucking idiot! Does he not know that there is NOTHING they can do! They have no idea what, where, when or how.

Anyhow, before it gets too late I need to get the mannequin displays out for Sarah. She will see how plastic and fake it is. Just as plastic and fake as her life has been. They're all decorated with woman's hair. Their faces are covered with make-up and they have empty eye sockets. Those before her were just as blind as Sarah is.

I have chairs arranged all around her where they'll be seated so she can see them the same way she sees the screens. Visions and sounds all around to remind her of how pathetic and fake it all is. Perhaps she’ll start realizing what I’m doing for her. Perhaps she’ll begin to understand. Perhaps she’ll see how empty she’s been instead of begging and sobbing all the time.

I have two days to get her very own mannequin ready, decorated with her own hair. This will be a special one for Sarah. Her mannequin will be ready, as they always are, when the next stage begins.

Sarah, you will begin to understand more as we progress on our journey together. I'm doing all of this for you.

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Yoh, totally gripped!

Nice! Then I'm doing something right. Thanks @gholsa!

What the hell man? What is this guy going to do? (rhetorical)

There seems to have been others before her as well... hmmm...

Very coocoo.

Yeah man, he's a nut, lol.

Oh boy this guy is scary! Well written @therneau, sounds like a James Patterson kind of thriller😱

Haha, yeah. He's definitely not messing around, lol. I must be honest, I haven't read anything by James Patterson... I'll go have a squiz. Thanks for the great comment :)

He writes very well, some of his books have been filmed.

Oooh, nice :) I've never been much into horror... or reading... odd I suppose but when I pick up a captivating book I can't let go!

With that being said certain horrors and/or thrillers I enjoy watching :)

Weirdo suspense @therneau

Let's see what the weirdo will be writing about next ;)

you are a good story writer!