Diary of a Serial Killer: Entry 6

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Warning: Contains Explicit Content

Sarah looks perfect strapped down onto her special lounger. I can adjust her positioning and add or remove components so her body doesn’t ache up. Her focus needs to be in one place and one place only for the next few days. Well, physically that is.

Sarah needs to focus on her feet. I must admit, she had a bit of a wild look in her eyes again when I unveiled her masterpiece. Now she’s staring at her feet, clamped down in the custom vice grips I made for her.

I told her about Mary-Anne earlier. Oh how I remember her. She was one of the first women I showed the truth to. Those big fake breasts and zealous eyes blinded her. I remember how she’d laugh with her friends, blindly looking at those long painted nails whilst sipping on cocktails in the afternoon. She didn’t even know how her husband was fucking around behind her back. That’s how stupidly fucking blind she was by her love for money.

Sarah wept again when I told her how Mari-Anne would scream. She was such a loud one, screaming at the top of her lungs as I pulled those nails from her fingers. I removed two a day for five days, until all that fake shit was gone. Then I cut off those big fake breasts. It was only when I removed those zealous eyes that she understood. She finally understood what I was doing for her. That’s when I showed her the light, all the while whispering in her ear, “Go Mari-Anne, it is safe now. Go towards the light.” She finally let go and I could feel the relief in her body.

I’ll tell Sarah more stories as our time together passes by and the clamps around her feet tightens. She will learn that dancing around like daddy’s little girl and a whore at the pub is all just fake shit!

I need to get some work done now. Those imbecile's can't do anything right while I'm not around. They keep fucking shit up and now I need to sort it out. I think it's time to fire Paul and get someone else in again that can do the stuff I pay them to do.

Talk to you again soon.

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Yoh..been a while but still as twisted as ever. Gripping writing @therneau

Yeah, sorry man. Been struggling timewise. Glad it still has some punch :) Thanks @gholsa

Hey @therneau, this guy is getting more and more scary, there's definitely no hope for Sarah!

Yeah, shame. Poor Sarah is in a scarily tight spot... excuse the pun, lol.

Been watching out for the next entry and here it is!!! Sooo gross and soo gripping at the same time. I hope Sarah is the one that escapes!!

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Ahhh, thanks for sticking around :)

Hmmm, I dunno. I guess we all hope she escapes heh.

Thanks for the support and I'm glad you're enjoying it :)

You very welcome dude. Some gripping stuff!!

You will have to hurry up then lol!! Im sure there are lots more entries before we know!! 🙀

Don't take too long with the next one please!!

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I'll try to post them more regularly. Just been a bit of a rough ride here lately. Struggling to get to 2 posts per week, lol.

I must admit, I love it when I receive comments saying "gripping". Makes me happy :)

Lol positive feedback is always good!! Now use it to write some more!! Go fourth and finish your masterpiece!!

But yeah sometimes its hard yo balance everythingin life and still be active on the blockchain!! I've been slacking on posting myself this week!!

Hello @therneau, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

Why thank you very much. I'm honoured :)

Wicked turn @therneau

Maaaaan, what the hell?!

Yeah man... gruesome and unpredictable.

Haha, yeah, this dude isn't playing around.

Thanks for the consistent support :)

Cool man. It is my pleasure.

I will hopefully be putting out a Space Lore Episode soon so that you don't have too much idle time on your hands... :P

Lekke, looking forward to it :)

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