Legacy (Ten Word Story)

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Allie touched her belly. He left something behind after all.

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This little slip of microfiction is my entry to @chronocrypto's Very Short Story Contest. Thank you ,@diebitch, for sharing this contest. I also owe huge thanks to @bex-dk for encouraging me to enter it. I didn't think I was able to, but then again, I never expected to be able to even get a story into fifty words the first time I tried microfiction.

I guess we can often do more than we believe.



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This is just so simple and beautiful. Right up there with Hemingway's example

That really is high praise. Thank you, @diebitch

Just letting you know that I am following you based on the following; https://dlive.io/video/anomadsoul/a729d820-41ba-11e8-836a-b9befc1a6029

If you ever sing again, I would love to hear it. Your voice is just perfect!

Wow. Thank you.

I've done a few audio projects, like songs and audiostories but you'd have to scroll waaaaay back on my profile to find them. I guess it's time I did another. No promises when, though. :-)

I looked back into your audio past. Loved all your songs, but "Samson" stood out. Your costars had small parts but were an invaluable addition to some of your videos, especially Mad about you. Will be watching and waiting.

I like it Tiny. Good job! :)

Thank you. I figured out the trick to microflash pieces thanks to exercise 6 in the Writers Workout. But I made the mistake of writing a micro version first (34 words) and it was really hard to flesh it out into a full short story. This one is actually the third version around the same theme.

Very touching. I love writing too. I love family values. Love Legacies.

Thank you for your kind comment. What sort of things do you like to write?

I mostly do blogging as of late. I like to share what I am thinking. I like to share what I hear in the news. I write about my dreams. I keep a journal of shows and films I watch. I write social commentary on current global events.