Germany 2 Sweden 1 FIFA World Cup 2018

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Germany returned from the verge of a mortifying World Cup exit as Toni Kroos scored a thrilling stoppage-time champ to anchor a sensational 2-1 triumph over Sweden.
Kroos found the net with a fiendishly twisting set-piece in the 95th moment of a diversion that drew out the best and most exceedingly awful of Joachim Low's title holders, who were decreased to 10 men when Jerome Boateng was sent off with eight minutes remaining.

It topped an emotional turnaround in a match that Germany couldn't lose after Die Mannschaft were vanquished in their opening Group F amusement to Mexico, yet such a situation was on the cards when Ola Toivonen's great heave gave Sweden a lead they held until half-time.
In any case, Low's group talk at the break clearly hit home with the title holders, who leveled from the get-go in the second half through Marco Reus' sketchy exertion.
Boateng's expulsion undermined to disentangle their endeavors to get once more into the match and it looked just as they would need to make due with a point that would have left their expectations of advancing from the gathering remaining in a precarious situation, at the same time, with the clock slowing down, Kroos' shocker started glad German festivals and at the same time broke Swedish hearts.

The outcome leaves Group F completely open with no group yet scientifically through. Mexico lead the path on six focuses, while Germany and Sweden are on three, and South Korea still on zero.


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they showed a powerful football, the team is kept at a good level

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