Imagination of a child- Fifty words story contest

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Imagination of a child

If I were a child again, my imagination wouldn't end. I'd live in a world filled with colors, never ending streams of life. It would be changed every day, improved with new wishes. After seeing the real world, no one could  wake me up from it. May imagination never die.

This is my entry to the fiftywords challenge hosted by @jayna. Contest can be found here.   

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Nice, @anixio. It's so true. Our childlike wonder so easily fades as we become adults, get jobs, pay bills, and deal with the real world. Here's to the Peter Pan in all of us!

p.s. Be sure to add a link to your story in the comments of the contest post. Thanks!

upvote done kryptonia id @psychkrhoz

Upvoted from kryptonia, same username.

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