Adrenaline - in fifty words

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Standing next to the hatch, John looked down. Mocking his own decisions he screamed :

-Let's go on a plane, it will be fun!
-Let's jump with a parachute, it is awesome!

-It's not cool Dad, it is scary! Worst birthday gift ever. I hate your midlife crisis.


This is my entry for #fiftywords contest hosted by @jayna

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Hope they pull the cord on time, otherwise bottoms-up!

Well, they will probably pull it even before the time..hahaha:)

I actually laughed out loud with this. Wonderful stuff, Spalatino! That's a pretty extreme case of midlife crisis.

I hope thats not me in 10 years :)

I completely commiserate. My hubs made me jump out of a plane before we had kids. It was the scariest and dumbest thing ever. I hated the whole thing. Ha.

Nonetheless, you are richer for that one experience :)

The only way I am ever going to jump out of a plane is if it is on fire.

There is this thing called "divorce," you know. God would forgive you. I certainly would, too.


HAHAHA, legit response

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Ha ha, class!! I did a sky dive once and a bunch of experienced lads on our flight, knowing we were noobs, told a load of horror stories about shoot failures etc to put the shits up us... It worked! ha ha... Your story made me think of this, thanks for reminding me, they were great days in California in 2003... Happy days!

Glad to be of service. Greenhorns always get teased, that is common in eveything I guess

Yep, they certainly do, goes with the territory :o)

Excellent. Concise.

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LoL, thanks for the good laugh.. I did enjoy skydiving when I was younger but I don't really care for heights anymore, funny how things change with age..

Wait for midlife crisis :)

Excellent use of 50 words, @spalatino! I love the last line. It says it all: we would not be here if you didn't need to prove something to yourself!

I did a skydiving stint once. It was before marriage and kids -- kind of a last hurrah before everything changed. But now in midlife, I can totally see why people do things like this!

Relive the days, doesn't sound so crazy

My stomach is clenched in anticipation just thinking about it. Such a scary sense of exhilaration.

Makes the jump even a bigger prize if you defeat your fear

"...not cool Dad..."

Ah, the amazing, amusing response of a kid...

Good story!



Thank you. I bet both you and I said it to our parents at least thousand times also

That, or something like it... ;)