Cruel and beautiful

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Alone in his life-pod was Jake, lucky survivor of a solar flare hit.
Cosmos has tortured Jake his entire life.
Jake is like an ant scorched by a cruel, unpredictable child.
Looking through a porthole at its beauty and secrets, Jake realized.
It is impossible to hate the magnificent SPACE.


This short story is my entry for #fiftywords contest hosted by @jayna

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Well there you go then, it's a big space. Nice little story that, thanks...

Awesome short story

Nice! So he has kind of a love-hate relationship with space, right? It took away all his friends, and scorched him, but it's still beautiful to look at.

In facebook vocabulary, their relationship is complicated :)

I really loved this one, even it's like a parent/child relationship... Even if you dislike them, it's really hard to totally hate them.

Every emotional relationship is highly complex

A small story for a large Universe. The contrast is perfect. Good job!