Field of battle - in fifty words

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Palms are sweating, his heart is beating uncontrollably, but his legs are pushing him forward,
towards the deafening noise of warring factions.
Everyone is counting on him.
Aware that the defeat is not an option,
he boldly steps on the field of battle, the theatre of dreams, the football pitch.



This is my entry for the #fiftywords contest hosted by @jayna

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Awesome! I love it! The sports field really does feel like a battle field sometimes. Go, fight, win!

There is something in team sports, sense of obligation, duty, competitiveness also. It is an adrenaline shot

I imagine this as a video in slow motion, i like this text.

Palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms heavy, mom's spaghetti. :D

Awesome. I felt your letters... You described in a great way, and with 50 words, how are those sensations and feelings when being fighting in the sport field. I know that very well, that moment when your legs are about to collapse, and suddenly the ball is on you—you run, you forget you are tired, you focused again on the prime objective: to win that battle.

Excellent, I loved it!

I ve experienced it myself also, truly a special cocktail of emotions

Nice parallel of two different but similar kinds of field.

Is it possible that you may have meant "warring factions?"



I am glad you liked it, thx for the correction, I am on it :)

You're more than welcome. Glad it was spotted before the "edit window" closed... ;)

Really marvelous. I have been preparing my own description of similar experience from the recent war - and than: the football pitch!!! Surprise of the day! Keep writing.