The hunter - in fifty words

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Jacob sat on a rock to rest after a successful hunt.
Then he heard it. The most heavenly melody. Voice of an angel.
Enchanted, he searched the source of the music.
Under the waterfall stood a naked woman.
Their eyes met and her voice deepened -

"Now, you are the prey"


This is my entry fot the #fiftywords contest hosted [email protected]
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No one can resist a mermaid haha
True, true, true !

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And this is why I'm gay!

Ahaha, joke aside. It was a really good story; you created the imagery similar to the picture: resting, relaxed, waterfall. Then, we are surprised. I would say hunter got what he deserved; Karma. Really good job for the limited word count.

Thank you. Challenge for me is always to depict a scene in so few words

Wow, what a great plot twist! lol

This is very haunting! And what a great twist at the end.

Jacob should absolutely not go on a date with a naked women under a waterfall 😁.

No one can resist a mermaid haha

I mean how is sex going to work, if she’s fish on the bottom part? 😂

I was just reffering to her song (like in tales of mermaids), although mermaids in some stories are half women half birds. But now that you mention sex with mermaids, never really thought about it. Maybe we should ask "the little mermaid"

actually Disney is explained it in a movie. She turned into a human being!

Shame on me, haven't watched the movie. :) But now, mystery solved :)

Yup, a great fifty-word story!

I love your short stories, sometimes even more than those longer ones. There is something magical in your short ones always 💚

"Now, you are the prey" hahaha vrh!!

Upa je u ceku, haha

Great story. Short but it has it all. I am encouraging you to make your own photography. ;) At the same time I am allowing you fot using mine photos, if you found them useful here on steemit. Just some mention and you can use it.

Thank you for the offer. I will consider it for my next story. :)

Great set up, drawing us right in, then slam!
Now I want to know what happens!!!
Great work!

No one knows what hapens next. That is the magic of fifty words stories :)