First Post Film Review: Godzilla vs Kong

in #film26 days ago

Hello to whomever is reading this. As I have just started this account I was curious what kind of posts would get attention so to start I will go with what I know best Films. Specifically Godzilla Vs Kong.

So for the non spoiler side of things: The film visually looks awesome the amount of special effects work is really outstanding but that is about it for things I liked about the film. The story is quite convoluted for a film that had quite a lot of set up. The characters are just there the film attempts to make you care for them but I never did and it really does a poor job at even explaining who these people are. The Honest trailer guys literally spoil the whole film in the honest trailer because of how little they care about the film and how awful it came out. I am quite curious if the world pandemic is having a bigger impact on writing and creating films than the industry seems to be addressing because some pretty big films lately have been quite lackluster. As for a full review with all of the spoilers I can definitely do one if people would like but its a relatively new film so I might save that until people tell me they are interested in one.

The film is not great and while visually I think its worth the watch if you go in looking for a continuation of the plot of the titans or any set up for any of the characters, its best you just go back to Kong skull island or Godzilla (2019). Past that I would love to get to more in-depth reviews on films if people are interested in having conversations about films. I myself am a film major but also just a long time fan of cinema I'm more than happy to talk film theory or just talk about why you liked or hated something. I also watch a ton of films, so if people are looking for movie suggestions, or lists I would be happy to provide those as well and I am always looking for suggestions for new films that people really like! Dont worry I will never judge a film by IMDB or Rotten Tomato until I see it and can verify that the rating is accurate!


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