THE FORGOTTEN A short film

in #film2 years ago

Two aging vets just can't stay out of trouble.
Turn up the volume. Rock and Roll in a Texas bar.


That’s great to see you in action sir. It’s an great short film.

Hi @clayrawlings

I just received your memo:

I uploaded a film I made titled "The Forgotten." It got over 1,200 views on facebook without any kind of promotion. I am curious to see how it is recieved on Steem.

Thx for informing me about your new publication. I will gladly check it out. The truth is that I'm highly impressed knowing that you had 1200 views on facebook. Without any kind o promotion? You must have a huge userbase and many loyal followers. That's for sure.

Please dont take it like I'm not challenging you, but I'm very curious about that result. Would you be kind enough to share link to this post on facebook and let me know how did you measure it?
I'm myself not big on facebook, I tried to build the traffic there and I failed many times. I've somehow very little trust to traffic stats presented by FB. Even right now, you've mentioned over 1200 views and when I open that youtube video then it shows just a few views and only one action (upvote).

Keep in mind, that facebook "counts" post, picture or video as "viewed" the moment when it's "loaded" to peoples newsfeed. So if I open FB and several publications will be loaded and displayed on my newsfeed on my laptop, then view counter for all of them goes up by +1. Even if I won't scroll to see them and instead I would just go right away to FB messanger.

I have been working on several projects outside of Steem because the Steem community just does not reward a serious attempt at quality content.

I'm sorry to hear that you've such a terrible experience. The problem with Steemit is mostly lack of visibitility. Did you consider sending notifications to all your followers with short encouragement and link to your post? That does seem to work very well.

I'm about to watch this video now. Thx for sharing. Upvote on the way :)

ps. is there any way to DM you? Telegram perhaps?


The Youtube posting is different from Facebook posting. They are not linked. I uploaded both. I have less than 400 connections on Facebook because I am very selective on who I will allow in. Here is the link:

It's me again @clayrawlings

I'm not really sure what did I just watch ....

A Texas bar fight.

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