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Lisa and her vulnerable young son, Cameron, narrowly escape with their lives intact after a life-threatening encounter with a group of mindless zombies.

The two of them find themselves trapped inside a house with Vince, another survivor whose only goal is to preserve his own life no matter what the cost.
Lisa becomes aware that she has been bitten and is now infected! Realising that she hasn't got much time left she is forced to face the grim reality of her situation.

She tries her best to prepare Cameron for a life without her there to protect him, and then the two of them play one last game of hide and seek..

Will Lisa manage to secure and preserve her precious sons life? Or will her plan of action fail?
Watch to find out!

This high quality short film from Crypt TV is a bit different when compared to many other zombie apocalypse short films. The atmosphere is tense and the captivating story is about life, love and survival.
Check it out!

Written and directed by Adam Bolt

Starring - Ryan Driscoll and Zackory Arthur

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Source - Crypt TV (YT channel)


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