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Inspired by the work of Nikola Tesla and William R. Lyne (my father) author of "Space Aliens From The Pentagon" AKA "Pentagon Aliens" and "Occult Ether Physics". This short film tells a small piece of the story behind the true Man-Made origin of the "Flying Saucer"

Inspired by my dad's work and many of my own saucer sightings, I have always wanted to make a movie on the subject since I was a child. But I came up with the idea for an educational training film for flying saucer pilots in 2005 and created this film in early 2006 for a 3 minute film festival (3mff.com) at which it won the grand prize. Later on in early 2007 I added (and re-worked) a couple of shots, composed my own music, and submitted it to Stephen Spielberg's ill-fated Fox reality show "On The Lot".

I later learned from people I met who had worked on the show that the "extended deadline" for submissions was a hoax and that the show had already been cast by the time I sent my submission. But the contacts I made through the social networking portion of the OTL site proved to be priceless, and opened the door to my current career as a professional Motion Graphics and VFX artist.

-The film was made in my spare time, which if condensed would probably total a little over two weeks time.

-The budget was about $250 in blue screen material and costumes.

-And I plan to eventually re-visit the genre and release a longer High-Definition short film re-make of sorts to run the festival circuit and raise money for a feature.

Produced, Written, Directed, Animated, Edited, Scored, And everything else by: Angus Lyne

Starring: Angus Lyne, Dmitriy Piunov, Ericson Martin, Robert Grisham, And William R. Lyne.

equipment used:
-Home built 2.4GHz Athlon 64 2400+ (single-core)
2gb RAM

-Borrowed VX-2100 Mini-DV Handycam

-Winner Grand Prize Santa Fe Reporter 3-Minute Film Festival 2006

-Winner Grand Prize 20th Annual Videomaker Magazine Short Film Competition



I remember this!!!

I should do a new one. But I don't want to do that until I can actually build out a cockpit and shoot some nice drone stuff.