Why are you so hell-bent on ruining it?

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Namaste everyone,
I hope you are in good health. If, you are. keep it that way and if you are not get well soon. Today I am going to talk about something that is very close to me and why I get progressively piss-off with each new installment of the franchise. I very well am aware of that I have a story to finish, But this is something that I love very much and must be said otherwise I wont be able to sleep.

Now I am going to talk about a franchise which is dying even though it is making big money in the box office. The later installment of the franchise cannot hold a candle to the original masterpiece. Before I get all hulk angry and hulk smash at this franchise. I want to let you know why I love this film so much.

SPOILERS : Its not a review of a movie or anything. I won’t be talking about any plot point. Wait I might me talking about some of the plot points of the movie but mostly how they made me feel.

Imagine young boy who has never been to a cinema hall in 8years. He goes to the theatre with his family to watch a movie called Jurassic Park. He doesn’t understand English or movies for that matter. That boy was me. After that event I transformed into a JP fan. I had posters of the dinosaurs all across the walls and on my mirrors and on my notebook. Then came the sequels which were Ok at that moment but when I think of them now, Oh boy what a Pile !!!. Later I learned that the dinosaurs which were depicted in the movies weren’t what they were supposed to be, ‘Discovery’ ruined or shed light over it.

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I must have watched the Jurassic Park several times, There is no count of it. I mean, I mean… You know what I mean. From the awesome moment of the scene when the leads were introduced to a Brachiosaurus munching on to the thundering roar of the T-Rex in the end. I am not say that its a perfect movie, Its not. It has its fair share of logical issues like how the hell did the T-Rex climbed the wall to make such an grand entrance. But that’s the thing about this movie the awesome moments are so awesome that you won’t mind if the person next to you is actually a raptor disguised as a human being. The last sentence made as much sense as the last two movies from the franchise.

The movies were taken in such direction that Its a guilty pleasure. People watch it in a hope that they might like it. I mean have you seen the Jurassic World and the Fallen Kingdom. I watched those once and had enough, I cannot believe that I spent money going to theater at 2nd show to the fallen kingdom. 25kms away from my place.

See my expectation and it is safe to say that many peoples expectation from this franchise is to bring the magical experience from the Jurassic Park back. I wanted the dinosaur to be scary and cunning. But the dinosaurs from the latest installment were just (sigh).

Ok, (Deep Breath). I am talking about the Indomius Rex from the Jurassic World and the Indoraptor from the fallen Kingdom. When you put them in contrast with against the dinosaur from the Jurassic Park you will know what I mean. In the first movie the build up to the T-Rex entrance was epic and so is the reveal. It is an iconic scene which I think everyone has already seen. The Raptors from the Jurassic Park were depicted as intelligent creatures and they hunt. But these two which I highlighted from the later series are more like people from corporate world. They were not terrifying but came out as creepy. The hate the new movies only for one reason instead of making the dinosaur scary they made it ridiculous. The one from Jurassic World was given camouflage, and body temp regulation. I was asking myself why did they stopped at that why not give it heatvision and atomic breath and have it go toe-to-toe with superman. And don’t even get me started on the Indoraptor. This one was just an oversmart a**hole. Indoraptor came out very cartoon-ish in nature. The suspense and tension was so forced and irritating. Don’t believe me just watch the Fallen Kingdom and ask again why the dinosaur went after the little girl leaving two full grown adults one of them being the hunky Chris Patt. Why is it necessary for the dinosaur for seeing its prey intimidate and in fear for life? You don’t believe me, Watch the scenes where it is simply staring at the food or slowly moving towards it. Who came out with the dumb idea of weaponize these creature?

Still don’t agree with me. Remember the awesome roar from the t-rex from the first part. How would you feel if the dinosaurs sounds like a grandma with bad cough? Bleegh… So that happened. They feel less like the animals and more like unbearable method actors in a dinosaur suits.

Don’t get me wrong I did enjoyed few moments of the movies. Few so few that I don’t even remember them. There were few cool shots. Just this other day my friend @sayee share a short film, which actually triggered me in to writing the post. I would be lying if I say that I truly hated the short film, But I spotted so many problems with that scene that …

So, Let’s ruin it for everyone.

  1. Why a 13foot tall allosaurus which fought a triceratops (Min 5Tons)with a four foot long horns is afraid or two humans one with fire extinguisher?

  2. Why it ran away by taking two arrows?

  3. How was the girl able to shoot two arrows so quickly?

  4. And most importantly why is there Kids in these movies?

Disclaimer - I don't own the video. The rights are reserved by the copyright owners.

I am @inuke, and this is just my personal opinion. I am no expert in dinosaur or film making. I am just an idiot who has internet access.
I am going to go and watch T-rex chasing Jeff Goldblum.


I'm usually more amused by fans' over the top reaction and firm belief that they somehow have ownership over the things they're fans of and rights to dictate that it should go how they want it to go XD (I'm thinking Star Wars here though, and the pathetic tantrums some "fans" were pitching over how much they hated the prequels and how their lives were somehow ruined because things weren't as they wanted).

Without having seen the short in question (I'm dashing off comments in between trying to find a freaking school uniform shirt I'm desperately struggling to bring myself to care one whit about) though:

  1. did it have some conditioning? My big dog can and has taken on angry snarly dogs full of teeth that are much bigger than him, but tiny pathetic little me being mad at (not even at him necessarily, just in general) has him slinking away like he did something wrong. Similarly if I clap loudly at least three times slowly the cats are gone (because that means they've done something they shouldn't be doing).
  2. that one is a good question, perhaps it freaked out because it was being attacked by something it couldn't see XD
  3. from watching a Youtube clip of some guy who decided to push his archery skills with some oldschool war archery, seems that combat archers can unleash ridiculously fast O_O
  4. emotional manipulation. If an adult character dies you might go well damn that was brutal or feel upset if it was one of your favourites but most normal people will be all like NUUUUUUUUUUUUU NOT THE CHILD/PET when they're in dangerous situations (despite the fact by now anyone who has seen enough movies over their lifetime knows kids and pets have supernatural plot armour XD)

Also I got bored of Hollywood films ages ago because they keep doing the things that are proven to make money instead of trying new things that might be interesting, and also seem to think if they just hurl more tropes in then somehow it will be good/better?

Sounds like you need to stick to the original and the best if the rest of the franchise isn't doing it for you ;D

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I hope they make a spin off of Jurassic Park original. I too like the first movie, the most. The short film has many flaws. Like as you point out about the kid shooting the arrows so fast, the disappearance of the guy outside. Well written.

Hahaha! I love these rants! This one even more as it's about Jurassic Park ( movies ). Funny enough, I actually feel like watching the newest movies now ( but definitely not in cinema ). The last one I've seen was Jurassic World and that was on an exciting date, so I was only half watching it ;>)

P.S. You're way more than just an idiot with internet access

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