I have a bias against 3D only in comparison with 2D. Otherwise, I prefer 3D over live action. If you looked into the animation industry, the big companies just tossed out 2D in favor of 3D because of 3D's low cost. So all animated movies are 3D these days. Heck, even Disney have to rehire animators to do the Mary Poppin returns movie because they let all of them go. Disney, the original pioneer of 2D animation, of all companies.
While there are good 3D movies, there are just as many 3D movies that are just abhorrent. These are movies made just to ripoff successful movie franchises or made with disregard for quality. That's because of the low cost animating 3D models are;resulting in even releasing terrible movies still rakes in a profit. Bad 2D movies are exceptionally rare because of its high effort and cost. Those who seek to rip off good franchise or make a low effort movie would always choose 3D over 2D. So seeing a good 2D movie after a decade is like chancing upon a priceless treasure.

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There is much to talk about in this topic. The 3D, for being cheaper, will always have bad scripts ?, 2D will return with good animated films?
You don't need to answer me, they are just questions that I ask myself out loud.
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