Hey @meesterboom old chap! So happy that you finally managed to see it. Actually, I owe the motivation required to hunt down this old work and get it posted to you, so thank you.

We had a lot of fun with this genre, there's just so much material to work with. The "of all the cabs in all the cities of the world" line was just something we couldn't pass up... and you wouldn't believe how many takes it took to get that taxi driver to deliver his script!

As I was saying to @soulast, I wonder whether a directors commentary would be something fun to do. After over two decades, I wonder what we can remember!

Thanks again mate.

I think a director's commentary would be excellent actually. Little bits like explaining the office backdrop, the launderette and those endless stairs lol. I bet it would all come flooding back.

Oh and how I lol'd at the pussy.. cat bit. I was like, how did they get away with this!

My former teacher and I were discussing that over dinner the other night. We agreed that you couldn't get away with that these days. It was risky at the time, but obviously appropriate enough to submit for a high school submission piece. What a difference two decades makes!

Haha, you are dead right there. Different times!!