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Last month the Movie Stakeout precinct took a deep dive into a things war... Forward March!!

The Arizona Case Files: Forward March!
Yellow Canary (1943)
A British intelligence officer follows a Nazi sympathizer to Canada, in the believe she is also a spy.
For the first half hour it wasn't really clear what was going, you didn't really know why Sally Maitland was such a social pariah, who is the man in uniform with the dodgy accent... Polish apparently. There's a decent twist in the third act, but the twee epilogue brings it down again.
First watch: 2 War Rations

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The Arizona Case Files: Forward March!
The Inglorious Bastards (1978)
While being escorted to a military prison their transport is attacked by a nazi platoon, and five undesirables in uniform make a break for Switzerland.
The movie that inspired Taratino's 2009 film of the almost the same name is insane, the body count is uncountable, there's a mad motorcycle dash that makes Steve McQueen look like he was peddling a tricycle, and then everything gets blown sky high.
First watch: 3 war rations

The Arizona Case Files: Forward March!
The Great Escape (1963)
A who's who of sixties cinema star in this tale of a camp of allied POWs who pull off an audacious escape attempt, based on a true story.
One of my all-time favourite movies, but one I've not watched for a couple of years. Not a second is wasted, even if it does clock in at almost three hours. You're invested from the very beginning, your heart breaks for those that don't make it, and filled with joy for those that do.
Rewatch: 5 war rations

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The Arizona Case Files: Forward March!
Tigerland (2000)
A group of infantry soliders are sent to Tigerland, a training ground which simulates the conditions they face in Vietnam. One solider doesn't want to play by the rules and tries everything to get kicked out of the army, and helps some of his fellow conscriptions to get out too.
Joel Schumacher often gets written off because he made some terrible Batman movies, but he also made a lot of great movies, and none passed under the radar more than this one.
Rewatch: 3.5 war rations

The Arizona Case Files: Forward March!
1917 (2019)
Two young soliders are tasked with delivering a message that will save the lives of hundreds of troops, however they have to cross enemy lines to do it.
This is an absolute marvel of filmmaking, made to look like it's filmed entirely in one shot, it's not but you could forgiven for believing so. It's as much an experience as a movie.
First watch: 4.5 war rations


The Arizona Case Files: Forward March!
Up Periscope (1959)
James Garner plays a Navy frogman tasked with infiltrating a Japanese occupied island and photographing radio codes.
Up Periscope consists of two distinct parts, life aboard a submarine escorting Garner to his mission, and then the mission itself. it's like the contrast of Full Metal Jacket's basic training & Vietnam. It has it's moments, the mission being the standout, but the sub stuff which makes the bulk of movie isn't that memorable.
First watch: 3 war rations

The Arizona Case Files: Forward March!
Down Periscope (1996)
Captain Tom Dodge has finally been given control of his own Sub, unfortunately it's a relic manned by a group of misfits. Dodge's first, and possibly only, assignment is a war game, he somehow has to out manoeuvre the Navy's best and destroy a dummy ship.
As a fan of Frasier in it's prime I was keen to check out a comedy featuring Kelsey Grammar, much as I checked out numerous movies featuring the cast of Friends. Back in the day I watched this several times, and quite enjoyed it, it's somewhat dated now though. It'd be nice if the only female character wasn't sexualised quite so much, but then this was the nineties.
If you like movies like Police Academy you might get a kick outta this.
Rewatch: 2.5 war rations

Down Periscope.jpg

Dick Japowski: Forward March!
Troma's war (1988)
The residents of Tromaville crash land on a tropical island only to discover that it's inhabitants are stereotypical 80's terrorists, and must go to war in order to survive. A 90 minute squib filled shoot out which starts fun but gets old fast and has no intention of having a story or plot.
Tromatic stuff!
First watch: 2 war rations

Dick Japowski: Foward March
Starship Troopers (1997)
Paul Verhoven's Incredibly slick satire based on the 50's sci-fi novel, sees mankind going to war against giant bugs. This holds up even better today than when it was released and only gets better with age.
Rewatch: 4.5 war rations

Starship Troopers2.jpg

The Arizona Case Files: Forward March!
Tropic Thunder (2008)
A group of Hollywood stereotypes head to Vietnam to make a movie, but after the production spirals out of control the director decides to go guerilla, setting up hidden cameras and dropping the actors in in un-familiar territory. While fading action star Tugg Speedman (Ben Stiller) goes all in the others ain't so keen.
While I'm not a massive fan of Stiller's brand of comedy, there's no doubt the guy knows how to make movies. The production value here is insane, there's even a series of fake trailers before the film featuring the actors trying to make the 'nam movie.
First watch: 3.5 war rations

Have you witnessed any of the movies we've investigated. What's your favourite war movie? Let us know in the comments below.


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