I'm looking forward to tomorrow "Toto Neechan"!

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This story is how a Japanese girl made a famouse magazine "kurashi no techou" .

The world war Ⅱ era, the father asked his daughter that she act as him after his death.Since then she keeps the vow "she acts as her father" and her family call her "Toto Neechan (dady sister)".

she has three promises

  • she protects her family
  • she has younger sisters marry.
  • she gets her house

In high school, she was impressed the word

"The ancient woman was the sun, but now woman is the moon."

by Raichou Hiratsuka. she was encouraged by that word, she vowed "she act as her father" again. After graduate she got a job of typist and publisher, she hold her family. but the war started. she endured the hardships of life that she couldn't do what she want to do. After the war ended, she found she had been able to do what she want .

Today's broadcasting, she just sat up a publishing company and started making a magazine for woman. I'm looking forward to tomorrow broadcasting.