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RE: Why are you so hell-bent on ruining it?

in #film2 years ago

I'm usually more amused by fans' over the top reaction and firm belief that they somehow have ownership over the things they're fans of and rights to dictate that it should go how they want it to go XD (I'm thinking Star Wars here though, and the pathetic tantrums some "fans" were pitching over how much they hated the prequels and how their lives were somehow ruined because things weren't as they wanted).

Without having seen the short in question (I'm dashing off comments in between trying to find a freaking school uniform shirt I'm desperately struggling to bring myself to care one whit about) though:

  1. did it have some conditioning? My big dog can and has taken on angry snarly dogs full of teeth that are much bigger than him, but tiny pathetic little me being mad at (not even at him necessarily, just in general) has him slinking away like he did something wrong. Similarly if I clap loudly at least three times slowly the cats are gone (because that means they've done something they shouldn't be doing).
  2. that one is a good question, perhaps it freaked out because it was being attacked by something it couldn't see XD
  3. from watching a Youtube clip of some guy who decided to push his archery skills with some oldschool war archery, seems that combat archers can unleash ridiculously fast O_O
  4. emotional manipulation. If an adult character dies you might go well damn that was brutal or feel upset if it was one of your favourites but most normal people will be all like NUUUUUUUUUUUUU NOT THE CHILD/PET when they're in dangerous situations (despite the fact by now anyone who has seen enough movies over their lifetime knows kids and pets have supernatural plot armour XD)

Also I got bored of Hollywood films ages ago because they keep doing the things that are proven to make money instead of trying new things that might be interesting, and also seem to think if they just hurl more tropes in then somehow it will be good/better?

Sounds like you need to stick to the original and the best if the rest of the franchise isn't doing it for you ;D